Description and Instructions

Hello fellows TechToolians,

This is improved version of the V1 mapping which combines all the most interesting One-Button mapping entries from DJ TechTools mapping contest.
There was a plenty of strong ideas so we decided to go ahead and compile one Master Mapping for all of Midi Fighter 3D fans!

Main Features:

  • 4Deck mapping: press any top bank buttons or side corners to select deck + route effects to that deck.
  • 16 INSTANT Gratification effect style buttons.
  • Motion FX controls to further modulate each button mapping.
  • Safety/Reset button.
  • Full LED feedback. Each button LED is mapped to display current button state depending on the parameter modulations, modifier states, or what ever else is going on in the Traktor.

Description and Use:

Each row is mapped for a different style of effect presets - one press build ups, incremental button tricks or fade IN/OUT transition effects. Instant mixer mappings were geniously good but also avery complex to be used in a real set so we took them a part and mapped some of coolest transitions to the individual buttons on the MF3D.

1st button row:

2nd button row: The incremental modifier mapping trick is set up behind this buttons. This guy allows us to step trough different parameter values each time of the button press - some of those effect builds are always ending with a secondary effect (freeze, TTFX or a stretcher sound)

3rd button row: The Raycotek's VDJ. This buttons are designed to be used on an outgoing track of the mix. Press and hold this buttons down to start effect chains that will smoothly fade and filter out the track that you wish to make transition from - when released, this buttons will stop the playing deck.
  • Gater
  • WormHole
  • LaserSlicer
  • EventHorizon

4th button row: Instant Mixer (The Grand Prize Winner!!) Pretty much intended to be used on the Next/incoming track of the mix. While pressed and then held down, this buttons will set one-beat-loops and create an instant effect builds that will slowly increase the channel volume to smoothly bring new sounds - when released, all the effects will automatically become turned OFF while (at the same time) your Hotcue #2 gets triggered (ensure to prepare your tracks and set Cue #2 to mark the starting point of the song before using this button techniques)
  • Ring Modulator Riser
  • Transpose Stretch Riser
  • Laser Delay
  • Bouncer

Note: Each button mapping has it's own set of pre-mapped effect macros in the motion control. Be sure to check it out!

Easy 3-Step Setup Instructions:

1). Open the MF Utility software and import the .MFS file then click "Send To Midifighter" to install new midifighter settings needed to run this mapping.

2). Click on the BIG Import button in the bottom of Traktor Preferences window and then navigate to the folder where the mapping file was saved. Once you select a .tsi file and click OK the next window will pop-up asking you which settings do you wish to import. Only "controller mappings" and "effect settings' categories will be selected - then click OK. Please note that you need to repeat this step one more time to successfully import the FX settings.

Once the mapping is installed there will be four different mapping devices in the menu. Make sure that In-Port and Out-Port are set to your MF3D for each part of the mapping and start jamming!


Stewe, Nov, 2014
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v0.2.0
Fred225 almost 7 years ago
Hi there, I found this mapping completely by chance and the demo in the video on Youtube is awesome. I have a burning question: does it work if I try to use it with my DDJ-SX2?
Stewe almost 7 years ago

Hi, this mapping will work with any MIDI controller. Just be sure to import your Midifighter mapping by using big import button - than add your SX2 mapping by using smaller "ADD" button which is located in the Device section of the screen.

Fred225 almost 7 years ago

Thank you for your answer. How could I map the button I wish to use instead of the default commands please? (Because it was made for MF3D and the midi messages are not the same). For example, do I have to replace all the commands mapped to the same button in the original mapping to the one i want? (highlighted in yellow meaning that it is triggered by the same button). Thank you.

Ricardo Bono II almost 8 years ago
Hello Stewe! For some reason, all 4 Instant Mixer buttons don't seem to stop the the playing deck when I let go of the button. In the demo videos, the playing deck's volume went down to 80-90% while the button was held and went to 0% after the button was released. In my case, it does not seem to affect the playing deck in any way. After I release the button I have both decks playing at full volume. I'm using El Capitan and Traktor 2.10.2.
phil reed over 8 years ago
all the effects work well except the bottom row track a is playing track b is cued deck a is highlighterd as having the effects set up i press the button and deck a fader goes to the bottom and then comes up with an effect i let go and it jumps to cue point 2 on deck a deck b does nothing. i am using el capitan and traktor 2,10 any ideas
Stewe over 8 years ago

Use the bottom row buttons on your cued up track - not with the one that's already playing.

Johan about 9 years ago
Ey, I'm from the Netherlands and i have a Midi Fighter Spectra. How can i download en instal it for the spectra? Or is it nog possible? Thanks...
Stewe about 9 years ago

This mapping is not supported by Spectra at this time. In theory, you could set arcade buttons to correct midi channel and have them properly linked to the mapping but the side buttons should need some more re-mapping work.

Matthieu Inglese over 9 years ago
Hey Stewe ! For me the instant fade out buttons are unstable, sometimes it fades completely the track away and sometimes it just apply the effect then the track goes on... Any idea what could be the problem ?? Thanks
Stewe about 9 years ago

Hey, This mappings are based on the "Deck Focus" feature. You should ensure not to change the deck target with a mouse or by using some other controller/mapping before using the fade-out buttons. I think that could be the case here.