Pattern Player mapping for Midi Fighter Twister

Description and Instructions

Pattern Player is a new performance tool that allows you to add rhythmic samples on top of your tracks to bring in more variations. Note that Pattern Player is available only in TRAKTOR PRO Plus. If you don't choose to subscribe for Plus you can still use this mapping to control all four FX Units in Single and Group mode. The mapping will automatically detect which Unit mode is active and setup knobs and buttons layout.

Bank 1: 4 FX Units

Button 1 = Pattern Player Play/Mute (mode=toggle) (when muted the entire Encoder row is dimmed)

Button 2 Tap = Next Sample

Button 2 Hold = Previous Sample (hold down Button 2 for one second and Orange LED will appear then release it)

Button 3 = Reset Pitch

Button 4 = Duck

Encoder 1 = Volume

Encoder 2 = Pattern Selector (select up to 8 different Patterns, currently selected pattern will be displayed as a dot in LED Ring Indicator)

Encoder 3 = Pitch (-12 and +12 semitones)

Encoder 4 = Decay (sample release)

Bank 2: 4 Decks FX Unit assign

Ability to toggle any FX Unit in all four Decks.

For Single and Group Mode the LED will indicate Orange color.

For the Pattern Player the LED will indicate Mint color.

Bank 3: Unit Mode and Routing Mode

Easy way to change basic FX Unit settings and bypass using a trackpad for this.

It is also color coded in a same way as in Traktor. Very easy to navigate.

Bank 4: Internal Mixer for Decks C and D.

In case that your gear has only two channels or if you don't use more than two Decks anyway then this is your rotary mixer for Decks C and D where you can assign your Pattern Players.

Quick notes on FX Unit Routing Modes!

In Insert mode, the Pattern Player signal is processed trough the Deck allowing you to shape the sound using the mixer section. If you choose to assign Pattern Played on Decks C and D, this mapping allows you to control mixer controls on Twister's Bank 4. This is useful if you are using 2-channel mixer or controller.

In Post fader mode The Pattern Player volume is handled by Dry Wet knob and it is indipendent of Channel Volume and EQ's. This means that the signal from the Pattern Player won't be affected by any of the mixer controls which help keeping samples playing on top during transitions.

In Send mode, the Pattern Player will act as a fifth Deck in your external mixer setup. 

To activate the Pattern Player press the Unit On/Off (Button 1) and the sample will be quantized automatically to a next beat. Please see the following Youtube video in case that you are not familiar with how Pattern Player works. It is all explained in detail.

Diagrams with all functions in all four banks are included in the download!

Feedback about the mappiong is always welcome. There is another Twister mapping for Pattern Player in the works.

Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v0.1.0
DJMyxin over 1 year ago
Hi Stewe, would be awesome, if this mapping will be combined with your mapping called "Midi Fighter Twister Mapping For Remix Decks (Remix C + Sequencer D)" - respectively only with Remix C, not D, with this mapping. PLS, Stewe :-)
david brazewell over 1 year ago
this works brilliantly thanks Stewe (daveb from the NI forum).
david brazewell over 1 year ago

Also I meant to say the 4th page with c&d controls is fantastic. I was actually struggling with it as I put pattern player on those channels so this works well. It's a really well thought mapping. Thank you again

Stewe over 1 year ago

Thank you for great feedback Dave! Glad that you like the mapping.

Dag Herbort over 1 year ago
Hi there - as I was really disappointed that I found no clear mapping commands in the controller manager, your mapping makes me a lot more conscious that it can be done in the future. My plan is to make a cool mapping for the Novation Launchpad MK2, as you have 8 pads in a row, all RGB backlit. Possibly in connection with a AKAI LPD8 or something small with rotarys. Even another F1 will be great. THX a lot for the upload, cheers from germany :-)
Stewe over 1 year ago

I'm happy to help!