MIDIfighter Spectra Remix Deck C and D

Description and Instructions

Welcome to all,

Check out this mapping I made to control decks C or D and switch between them on the fly.


Un-zip downloaded file and you will get two items to import.

Import the .MFS file in to MIDIfighter utility and send all settings to the MIDIfighter.

Import .TSi file to Traktor from device menu or by using big IMPORT button from the bottom of preferences window.

Please visit my thread for additional information:


For the MF3D version of this mapping click >here<

Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v0.1.0
Keith Kamholz over 4 years ago
Does this mapping work with the MF 3d as well? Having a hard time finding a mapping specifically designed for the 3d that does what this mapping does.
Stewe over 4 years ago

Hey Keith, top buttons would work correctly but the side buttons on a 3D are mapped in different MIDI notes than what is defined by Spectra side buttons. Noted for MF3D. I'll update this page with a 3D .tsi

Stewe over 4 years ago


calub almost 5 years ago
Anyone using this with the traktor S2 mk1 with the beaubrite mapping!?... thanks in advance!
David Losinski almost 5 years ago
I play slots, but I can't stop them from the controller, is there a way to do this? Sometimes it just deletes the slot
Stewe almost 5 years ago

Hey David, Need more input please. Are your sample cells set as loops or one-shots? The only way to delete a slots is by holding down the side button 3 on the right and then pressing a button for corresponding cell.

George Vargas about 5 years ago
Hey guys, I'm having some trouble downloading this mapping..It's sending me an explorer link instead of any unzipping files.. PLEASE HELP!!
Stewe about 5 years ago

Hey George, I have just downloaded the mappibg file without issues. Please find me in forums and send me your e-mail address, I'll supply you with a mapping.

George Vargas about 5 years ago

oh okay great! thanks. I'll find you now.

simon over 5 years ago
downloaded the mapping, sent to midifighter - imported .tsi file in traktor.. i get two 'Remix Deck (Generic Midi) Midi fighter Spectra' entries - one for C and one for D. I set the in/outs for both of these.. the MF lights up like a disco but it does absolutely nothing - nothing at all.. doesn't control anything in Traktor doesn't flash or change just stays lit like that.. Another midi map another set of problems - I have yet to download a single midimap that actually worked.
simon over 5 years ago

What i don't understand is why there are two entries in the controller drop-down (one for deck C and D) when in your mapping image above it says you can switch between decks with the side-buttons? - but it doesn't really matter as like i said above the midifighter is not doing anything except looking nice.. i've tried reloading the mapping, sending to midifighter from the utility, enabling/disabling side-buttons, etc - no luck

Stewe over 5 years ago

The mapping loads two devices - each is deck specific. You have the newest firmware installed? I did a short vid to show you that mapping actually works. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qpnCHnknre0&feature=youtu.be