Livid BASE 4 Track Deck Mapping

Description and Instructions


-Double Deck Focus
-Transport control (cue,play,band,sync,loop,flux,key,deck master,deck flavor,loop size,beatjump +more)
-Full LED feedback

This mapping will split your BASE controller in to two sections - it's powered by Double Deck Focus which basically allow a user to select and control any of four decks from both of the focuses. I came up with this creation since I found the actual A/C and B/D deck switching concept pretty limiting in my 4 deck mixing.

The shift button (side button 8) is universal and works with both left and right focus at a time. Please see an image above to make sure which controls are available in shifted layer (presented in right section). All shift connected controls are color marked in magneta.

One line fader and 3 band EQ are mapped to follow deck selector and since each touch strip has a LED indication the unit will easily display the value of each control when you select any other deck. Use shift and a button above any EQ band to kill that frequency and secondary LED will display the state in red color. Adding this second LED in each top button is awesome idea.

The side buttons 1-7 are your browser area and image should let you know what's up. I can eventually add that shift plus load deck buttons will unload any of selected decks.


First thing, make sure your BASE controller is in default settings and all massages are transmitting in MIDI channel 1 because this mapping is communicating with BASE in that channel. This can be insured if your unit shows up value '01' in dual segment display and if not just go ahead and use Livid online editor software to reset unit to defaults and send settings to controller's MIDI brain. It's super easy.

Second, download and unzip the file. You should get the actual TSI file and control layout JPG to help you start. Import mapping to Traktor, select a deck for individual focus and enjoy.