Description and Instructions

This is my custom mapping for Stem Decks A and B.

2 Stem Decks - Basic Transport - 8 Hotcues - Beatjump - Slot Mute-Filter-FX Submix - Browse+Load - 2 FX Units - Echo Freeze - Loop Roll - 2 Ch Mixer


 1. Import provided .json file by using Livid's Online Editor. Once the file is imported click on "Save to device" to save new settings in your controller firmware.

2. In Traktor's Preferences window, press the large Import button located on the bottom left and navigate to where the .tsi file was saved. Note: If the Echo Freeze buttons are not loading the proper effect you need to import the FX settings one more time.

3. Go into the Controller Manager and make sure that the In-Port and Out-Port for the mapping are set to "Cntrl:r" (PC) or "Controls" (Mac). Do not use "ALL PORTS" setting if you have other controllers in your setup because that can result in conflicts between MIDI signals.

SHIFT Button:

Shift + TWIST Loop Knob = Gain | 
Shift + TWIST Effect Parameter Knobs = Select Effects | 
Shift + PRESS Slot Filter Knob = Reset Slot Filter Parameter Value | 
Shift + PRESS Hotcue = Delete Hotcue

RESET Deck Buttons:

This buttons are macro controls. Press this button to Un-mute Slots, Reset Filters and Kill all effects at once. Great for drops!

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You can now choose to PayPal.Me/vstimidi if you wish to support my work. The donation is not required as this mapping will always be for free.

Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
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