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Utility Settings for Midi Fighter Twister - Ableton Drum Rack Notes 1.0

Description and Instructions

This Midi Fighter setting file will allow Twister to automatically map a Drum Rack in Ableton.

The following are Midi Notes that I have mapped to Twister's virtual bank 1.

48 - 49 - 50 - 51

44 - 45 - 46 - 47

40 - 41 - 42 - 43

36 - 37 - 38 - 39


1. Download and unzip the file. Inside you will see the "TW - Utility Settings - Drum Rack Notes 1.0.mfs" file.

2. Open Midi Fighter Utility and click on File --> Import Settings and select the .mfs file you downloaded.

3. Once imported, click on "Send to Midifighter" button. (if you are using Windows PC you need to close the Utility at this point)

4. Start Ableton and open Preferences. Under MI*DI tab, activate Input and Output for Twister.

5. Insert a drum rack in a MIDI Track and enable the arm function.


Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
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