CNTRL:R 16-step Remix Deck Sequencer

Description and Instructions

CNTRL:R 16-step Remix Deck Sequencer

My custom mapping for Traktor Sequencing in Remix Deck D.


  • 4-voice (slot selector) 16-step sequencing
  • Basic Transport controls
  • Sound Selector
  • Pattern Length Selector
  • Shift (+ Shift Lock)
  • Deck D volume and EG (low, mid, high)
  • Deck D Gain and LP/HP Filter
  • Slot Volume Adjust
  • Slot Mute
  • Slot Monitor Cue
  • Slot Filter Adjust
  • Slot FX Send
  • Slot Trigger + Display
  • Swing Adjust
  • 4 FX Units
  • FX Unit Selector (Unit 1-3)
  • Echo Freeze (release effect built in)
  • FX Kill button
  • Load custom FX Presets
  • Handy macro control buttons


1. Download and un-zip the file. Inside you should see one .JSON (Livid Editor file), one .TSI (NI Traktor file) and a two .JPEG (mapping description files)

2) Use Livid's online editor to import provided "CNTRLR 16-step Remix Deck Sequencer.json" file. Then click on 'save to device' (which is located in the upper section of the editor). Close the editor to complete this step.

3) Open Traktor > Preferences > Controller Manager. Import provided "CNTRLR 16-step Remix Deck Sequencer.tsi" file by clicking on the Big Import button which is located in the bottom of the window. Very important: Repeat this once more to successfully import new effect settings and fully utilize all features of this mapping.

4) Check MIDI In-Port and Out-Port both located at the upper-right corner of the Controller Manager. Choose 'Cntrlr' or 'controls' (which ever appears when you click on the port) and select your controller at In/Out for each part of the mapping (all three devices are named CNTRL:R Sequencer [D]).

You can now choose to PayPal.Me/vstimidi if you wish to support my work. The donation is not required as this mapping will always be for free.
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v0.1.0
isilvando over 7 years ago
Perfect to join it with the map of stems but would have to reduce it to the 4x4 8 encoders and 8 buttons to leave place to stems