Midifighter 3D Serato DJ 2-Deck Mapping

Description and Instructions


This is simple and quick mapping made for controlling two decks in Serato Dj. It's designed to offer some of functions that are lacking on your main controller/mixer such as all eight hotcues, auto loops, loop roll + FX ON buttons (motion controlled parameters) and beatjumps which is newly added feature in Serato DJ. Only thing that's missing is LED feedback for beatjumps which isn't jet supported by Serato.


1. First thing import provided MFS file in the Midifighter Utility and click on "Send to Midifighter".

2. Import the mapping provided XML file. If you don't already know how to load the MIDI Preset (mapping) in Serato the instructions can be find on following link: (https://support.serato.com/hc/en-us/articles/219823647-How-to-load-custom-MIDI-Presets)
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