The Spectra - Instant Grats Isolate mapping

Description and Instructions

This mapping doesn't contain just the popular Gratify effects bat also an advanced performance tool to get even more creative.

Main features:

*INSTANT Gratification effects
*FX Unit focus selector
*Isolator FX for decks A and B (side buttons #1)
*EQ adjust for decks C and D (side buttons #2)

More info here:

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Comments for v0.1.0
imthealien almost 11 years ago
Fabulous mapping but I'm only getting deck A to "FX hold" B,C,& D won't hold. Any idea why? Thx
Stewe almost 11 years ago

The FX hold button switches a modifier value to all FX On buttons in this mapping. With that said, if the hold button doesn't work for a single deck then you wouldn't be able to hold an effect to any of four decks.

Damien Frigon about 11 years ago
Traktor say that this version is not supported what should I do?
Stewe about 11 years ago

Hey, This mapping is created in Traktor 2.6.1 but it should work with 2.5 as well, Which version you're running?. Also make sure to import TSI file in Traktor and MFS file in to utility as mentioned.