Twister Track Prep Mapping

Description and Instructions

This mapping will help to bring your beat grids to perfection.

  • Press the corner side buttons to select any of four decks based on Traktor Deck Focus. Selecting a deck will also set up the deck tab so you can see grid and BPM options. Selected deck can be seen in RGB at any time.
  • Use two determined rotary encoders to browse your tree and list selection. Twisting this knobs will also bring up the browser view - loading a track switches the view back to deck layout.
  • The encoders marked "1" - "2" - "3" are macro controls that makes whole process a lot easier. 


  • Open the MF Utility software and import the .mfs file (Midi Fighter Settings) then click on "Send To Midifighter" button to apply new settings to the device.
  • This mapping isn't supposed to load any effect settings so you can import it by using the device menu import button. You can also install it by using the BIG Import button if you wish to overwrite any of already existing mappings.

Happy Gridding!

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