Ean Golden's Midi Fighter 3D Mapping "Jam-on-it" [MIDI version] (Stewe edit)

Description and Instructions

This edit is based entirely on MIDI mappings.
To switch between “Remix Deck Mode” and “Effects Mode” use the middle right side button.

This is a continuation of the instant gratification with 2 styles of effects and remix deck control on top (optional). You can easily trigger remix decks and fx at the same time with this mapping.

Please make sure you follow the easy steps in the included setup guide.

Import the .MFS file to load the Midi Mapping settings:
1) Open the MF Utility
2) Choose File > Import Settings > Pick the included .MFS file.
3) Hit “Send to Midi Fighter”
4) Close the MF Utility.

Import the mapping into Traktor:
5) Open Traktor, go to Preferences, Press the BIG import button.
6) Pick the included *.tsi and hit OK.  
7) Check the “Controller Settings” and “Effects Settings” boxes in the appearing menu
8) Set the mapping’s In/Out ports to MF 3D.
9) Restart Traktor.

Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
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