Midifighter Twister mapping for Reaper DAW (ReaLearn)

Description and Instructions

This mapping will help you get started for Twister inside Reaper DAW!

Mapping Highlights:

-Four Midifighter Banks (Pages/Layers)

-Track Volume

-Track Mute

-Track Pan

-Track Pan (push to reset)

-Track Solo

-Track Arm

-Track Selector (scroll)

-24 Parameters (12 Default parameters plus another set of 12 Parameters via the Shift Encoder function)


1 - In order for LED feedback to work you will need to download and install ReaLearn plugin from the following link:


There is detailed instructions on how to install ReaLearn on that website but in case that you need help, feel free to let me know down in the comments section.

2 - Import provided "TW.Settings v1.1.mfs" file into Midifighter Utility and click on "Send to Midifighter" to apply new settings to the device firmware.
You need to close the Utility at this point if you run Windows on your computer.

3 - Start Reaper and click on File --> Open Project... and then select provided "TW.ReaLearn v1.1.rpp" file.

Once the project is opened, you will see 12 empty Audio Tracks and one (13th) MIDI Track. That single MIDI Track is the ReaLearn plugin.
Ensure that ReaLearn plugin is always your first MIDI Track - other effects and plugins can bee added after the ReaLearn Track.

4 - Click on Options --> Preferences --> MIDI Devices and make sure that Midifighter Twister is Enabled an Input and Output port.

Bank 1: Bottom row \ Encoder 1 Push

Twist = Track Volume Adjust
Push = Track Mute Toggle On/Off

Bank 2: Bottom row \ Encoder 2 Push

Twist = Track Pan Adjust
Push = Track Pan Reset (center/zero)

Bank 3: Bottom row \ Encoder 3 Push

Twist = Parameter Value  Adjust
Push = Shift Encoder Toggle (Toggle between two different Parameters in a single Encoder Knob)

Bank 4: Bottom row \ Encoder 4 Push

Not assigned currently. This will be Selected Track controls.

Left-handed Side button 1: Shift A Layer momentary button gives access to Track Solo function.

Right-handed Side button 1: Shift B Layer momentary button gives access to Track Arm function.

The remaining side buttons are not assigned currently. More on these in the next version.
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
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