Midi Fighter Twister Script for Ableton (selected track)

Description and Instructions

Control Surface Studio from Remotify made this script possible without any coding required. It works great and it is super fun working on this build. You can edit this script to your own liking within the Control Surface Studio App (using the provided .json files) Check it out!


This mapping consists of all four Midifighter Banks which are mapped to corner side buttons.

Upper-Left side button = Bank 1: Selected Track and 8 Macros

  • Track Navigation (Scroll)
  • Scene Navigation (Shift Encoder Scroll) (press Enter on your keyboard to trigger selected clip)
  • Track Volume-Mute-Solo-Arm-Pan-Sends
  • 8 Macros (Parameters)
  • Device Navigation (Prev/Next)

Upper-Right side button = Bank 2: 16 Macros

  • 16 Macros (Parameters)
  • Track Navigation (center side buttons)
  • Device Navigation

Lower-Left side button = Bank 3: Not assigned

  • User Map (feel free to assign any functions via the MIDI button in this bank)

Lower-Right side button = Bank 4: Twisted Gratification effects

  • Track Navigation (Scroll)
  • Scene Navigation (Shift Encoder Scroll)
  • Twisted Gratification Effects!
  • FX Kill Switch
  • Mouse Emulation Rotary Encoder ( macOS only feature)

Installation Guides and Infographics are included in download. Choose either Mac or PC version and follow all steps.

Also, included is the Ableton Project with custom mapped effect devices and a couple of loops to test effects right away.

If you need support or have ideas for other cool mappings for Ableton, let me know.

Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v0.1.3
Taazentek 3 months ago
Thanks for this handy mapping! Just what I was after. However, There seems to be an issue in Bank1 with midi feedback on device controls. On switching devices there is some kind of LED update happening but on moving the knob position is not at the position of the device. Seems to work fine on Bank2 16 encoders. I was able to get around the problem by updating the the MF utility settings file (.mfs) so that Bank1 encoders 1-8 use the midi settings from Bank2. (ie: using cc's 16-23 on Bank1)
Mr. Meoff 5 months ago
Bank 1, the 8 macros dont "pick up". The macros send to Ableton however, doesnt pick up from Ableton. Slide the knob/macro on software, no feedback/change on the 8 macros. Bank 2 with the 16 macros works great, as they should, awesome!
phyre over 1 year ago
Loving this script so far! The 16 macro knobs is a game changer since they added that feature in Live 11. The infographics labeling the knobs and their functions are super helpful and detailed. My brain expects the #1 knob to be on the top left, it is a little awkward that this mapping has it on the bottom, but I will get used to that. Twisted Gratification FX are fun too all on their own. I tried grouping them into a rack and it didn't like that, the knobs stopped affecting things. Going to save the project file that is included as a template, so then anytime I want to use those FX I can drag them in from that folder. Unless someone else has a better work around.