Midi Fighter 3D - Remix Decks C-A-B-D

Description and Instructions

This mapping allows you to control any of Traktor Decks as a Remix Deck. Once it's imported you should see four different mapping devices (one for each Remix Deck). Simply delete those you don't wish to use.

Press one of top four bank buttons to focus control on a single Remix Deck in Traktor. (Lit bank button indicates the active Deck)

With active Deck selected, press (and hold) that Deck button again to activate the Shift Layer for more controls over your Remix Decks.

Left-handed side buttons will allow you to select different Sample Pages:

 *Loaded Cells of the Page 1 are lit Yellow

 *Loaded Cells of the Page 2 are lit Orange

 *Loaded Cells of the Page 3 are lit Red

 *Loaded Cells of the Page 4 are lit Pink

 *Playing Cells of Page 1-2-3-4 are lit Green and they are acting as a Vu-Meter


1. Open MIdifighter Utility and Import provided midifighter settings file. Send new settings to Midifighter and close the Utility.

2. Open Traktor and Import provided TSI file. Preferences\Controller Manager\Device Setup\Add...\Import Other\MF3D_Remix Deck C-A-B-D v0.1.0
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