Midi Fighter Twister Mapping For Remix Decks (Remix C + Sequencer D)

Description and Instructions

If you are interested in controlling two Remix Decks as a Traktor Sequencers than see this mapping for the Twister.

Unlike the above mentioned this mapping gives you a standard sample cell trigger control over the Remix Deck C in mapping Bank 1 (left-handed center button). In addition, there is a 16-Step Sequencer in Remix Deck D which is the mapping Bank 2 (right-hander corner button). Please see attached visual layout below.

Download and unzip the file, inside there will be one folder with .MFS and .TSI files. The .MFS (midi fighter settings) contains all needed settings for the Twister in order to communicate with the .TSI (traktor settings info) - please use Midifighter Utility to import .MFS file and click on "Send" to save new settings in the firmware. In case you don't know how to import mappings to Traktor please see this video on Youtube.
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v0.1.0
Ray Salas over 4 years ago
I have traktor 3.2 Followed all the instructions... sequencer runs but doesn't trigger the samples. sample selector doesn't work. midi sync is on, step velocities work shift layer 1 works shift layer 2 does not work. I tried the original DJTT sequencer version, that does not work either. at a loss. Thanks!
Stewe over 4 years ago

Hey Ray, this mapping uses Traktor sequencer for which you don't need to enable MIDI Sync and it doesn't offer the velocity setting. Need more info - can you please do a short video clip to show me each step of the installation? Also try out other mappings and see if your unit works normally with different maps.

DJMyxin about 2 years ago

Hi Stewe, I have similar problem on TP 3.5.2. On deck C everything works as you described in the photo. No problem there. But when I switch MFT, by holding two center side buttons, to deck D - I am not able to Play, Sync etc.: Sequencer does not work - no sound. But I see, that on Midi Indicator in Traktors header, is Traktor receiving Midi signals. Do I have to enable Sequencer somehow? (I have on deck D loaded Remix Set with just one shots. In Controller Manager I have just your mapping loaded, In and Out ports assigned to MFT) Thank you for reply, Jacob.