MF 3D - 4 Stem Deck VU-Meter (Stewe)

Description and Instructions

Hi All,

This mapping activates the Slot VU-Meters to all four Stem Decks in a similar way the Kontrol F1 does minus the Slot Color Feedback since that feature is not addressed in the Traktor mapping. Use top bank buttons to select your "Deck Target" - note that you can view only one deck at the time!

Currently, each of the STEMS is presented in dedicated color which can be changed and set to your custom preference by altering the mapping. Let me know if you need help with that.

Drums = Orange
Bass = Red
Synth = Cyan
Vox = Blue

By using Midifighter's advanced customizition options I been able to add the brightness level to the each of the Stem. This means that each Slot Volume fader will directly control the brightness of the VU-Meter LED outputs.

There are still six more buttons on the both sids that are available for new controls or modes. :)

For support and feature requests please leave a comment.

Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v0.1.0
Chris Surfleet about 8 years ago
Awesome work! I've added some additional mappings to allow you to use the 4 buttons per slot to control the slot volume: Top - 100% 2nd - 70% 3rd - 40% Bottom - full kill (0%) Interested in adding this to the mapping here? I could easily add an option for turning it off and on
DJ Bentley about 8 years ago

DUDE, please upload this

Chris Surfleet about 8 years ago

Sure thing, I'll finish off the remaining decks (only done A+B so far) and add a couple more bits at the weekend then upload. Also gonna include a per-channel filter on one tip axis, and an echo or reverb on the other axis. Just hold down any button on a 'channel' and tip the 3D to get that channel effected :D

Chris Surfleet about 8 years ago

Duh! I completed the 4 deck mapping but realised I need to stick instant-grat style multi-button support in. I'll get it all done tonight hopefully.

Chris Surfleet about 8 years ago

Done! Its here: Sorry about the description text, its erroring when I try to edit, I'll get it sorted asap! Thanks again Stewe :)

Stewe about 8 years ago

Welcome mate!

Michael K almost 9 years ago
Awesome Mapping just want I needed thanks Stewe :)
Stewe almost 9 years ago

You are welcome mate! :) Have fun