Traktor Kontrol F1 32 Step Sequencer for Traktor

Description and Instructions


This mapping consists of 10206 commands divided into 27 different Mapping Devices. The reason for using this many Mapping Devices is the Modifier limitation. Meaning, in order to build the entire mapping into a single Mapping Device this mapping would require over 200 modifiers and Traktor offers only 8 modifiers inside a single Mapping Device.

This many Mapping Devices can slow down opening Preferences and navigation between different Mapping Devices inside the Controller Manager but it does not affect the performance in any way. From my experience, it takes 30 seconds to open the Preferences on my older 4th gen quad core Intel and only 5 seconds on a new Apple M1.

The provided demo video should help with the functions overview and there are also Installation Guides and User Manual in the download package. Also included are 808 and 909 remix kits from Jester.

This is how to import kits into Traktor:

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Comments for v3.0.0
Nick Page almost 2 years ago
Wow, ill test it out, fair doo's to you thats some serious mapping. Some people have no idea how long this kind of thing takes, in fact once I mapped the Roland DJ 202 to Traktor and it took me a lot of time, not to mention my sanity. Thanks !