Livid BASE Ultimate Traktor Mapping

Description and Instructions

Update, May 2015

Ensure to install Traktor Pro 2.7 or higher.

Welcome guys, check out this advanced tech tool for Traktor Pro 2 power users.

This mapping will split your BASE controller in to two sections:


1. Traktor Deck Focus
2. Beatjump
3. Remix Deck Focus
4. EQ kill and Filter On
5. Loop Recorder
6. Track Prep Tool
7. Browser

FX Engine:

1. Modifier Deck Focus
2. 4 FX Unit control
4. Stewe's Slicer Grat
5. Delay Zone
6. Build Mode
7. Isolate Mode


1. In order to successfully use this template your BASE controller need to be set to default settings. Please visit Livid online editor here:

2. Please download and unzip the mapping file. Inside you should see a Description and Installation folders.

3. Be sure to unload focused deck before importing the file. This mapping is pretty complex and it's scratching the modifier wall. The focused deck needs to be empty in order for remix deck page not to mess up deck button modifier because colored hotcue output commands can bug with modifier conditions in Transport section. Yep, Traktor isn't designed for this kind of mappings, but still this is the only restriction here ;)

4. In Traktor's Preferences window, press the large Import button on the bottom left. Repeat this step once more to ensure that the FX settings load properly. Note: If buttons/modes are not loading the proper effects you need to import the FX settings one more time.

5. Go into the Controller Manager and make sure that the In-Port and Out-Port for the mapping are set to your Livid BASE for each part of the mapping (all eight mapping devices).

More information in the forum:

You can now choose to PayPal.Me/vstimidi if you wish to support my work. The donation is not required as this mapping will always be for free here.
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
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