Midifighter 64 mapping for Traktor Remix Deck C and D

Description and Instructions


Updated to 0.1.1

This mapping works with 24 Jul 2017 firmware.

This is simple and quick mapping for Remix Deck C with Deck A and B Hotcues in addition. Included is a pic with control diagram for both "Basic" and "Shift" state of the mapping. The 32 buttons on the left side of the Midifighter offers controls for two Sample Pages at one time. What you basically have is two "sample banks" of 32 sample cells that can be toggled with dedicated button in the bottom row (#61 in the diagram). 

Right next button (#62) is the "Loop Capture from Deck" which is also button toggle. If you press it just once the nearest three buttons (Deck Target A, B and D) will start to pulse indicating that those buttons are your deck capture modifiers. The way they work is by holding down your deck target button of choice and while held trigger a cell to load your loop. When you done with capturing a loops press the button toggle again to deactivate this feature.

The first thing you see when you hold down the Shift button (#57) is that entire left side of the Midifighter changes the color to green which is the color indicator of the Slot Volume buttons. With shift you can also delete hotcues and adjust quantize options for the remix deck and do some basic looping as well.

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Comments for v0.1.1
Duarte Aguas 5 months ago
Hei Stewe! i have a question.. I am starting mapping and i can`t figured out the Led`s mapping. I want to see, just by looking to the controller, wich cells (in the remix deck) have samples loaded.. For that the controller should recognize and show empty cells... can you explain how to do this? Thanks!!:)