Long Press button mapping for Traktor Pro

Description and Instructions

This button feature was originaly introduced at Traktormaps and since many of Traktor DJ's asked how it is done I made this essential mapping to help you get started.

Instructions on how to install the mapping are in the download. You will need a virtual MIDI driver for this to work. Mac has a built-in driver for this and for PC you can use loopMIDI or BOME or any other virtual midi driver that works with your OS version.

Once it is installed you will see two different mapping devices

Inside Device 1, check the comments tab and assign commented commands to any midi button or a key that spits out Note or CC messages. 

Worth noting is that Traktor button option expect values 0 and 127. So if it is not working for you then check the Note On velocity value.

Click on https://traktormaps.com/ if you need help with custom mappings for Traktor. Happy to help!

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