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Kontrol S4 MK3 Ninja

Description and Instructions

Latest version: 0.4.2

Updated: October 1, 2019

DISCLAIMER: Due to Kontrol S4 MK3 issue with LED Output we can not properly refresh the controller output by switching modifier state back to zero. This is why all new functions in the Shift layer are currently not supported with LED feedback.

This mapping will activate 4 additional pad modes in each Deck. See provided JPG file for the list of all new features.

Since the 0.4.1 version you can choose to install special tsi "Kontrol S4 MK3 Ninja (Freeze + Remix)" which is offering 64 Sample Cell triggers in Decks C and D. This tsi deactivates Pad Modes on Deck C and Deck D and activates all 64 triggers instead. Do not expect full LED feedback here - the feedback is limited to "loaded" and "playing" states. 

1. Tone Play:
Hold SHIFT and press PLAY to toggle the Tone Play Mode 'ON' and 'OFF'. Works with any cue =)

Ensure to enable the following setting: Preferences\Transport\Cue Play (CUP) Mode\ set to "Instant" (not "On Release" which is default setting)

-Since the 0.3.0 version you can press CUE button to toggle between two sets of Key (tone) values:

  * 0, +1, +2, +3, +4, +5, +6, +7

  * -7, -6, -5, -4, -3, -2, -1, 0

2. Freeze Mode:
Hold SHIFT and press HOTCUES to toggle the Freeze Mode 'ON' and 'OFF'. The Flux Mode function will be activated automatically.

-Since the 0.3.0 version you can choose to install one of three different types of controls for this Pad Mode:

  *Freeze Mode

  *Loop/Roll Mode

  *Beatjump Mode

3. PAD FX 1:
Hold SHIFT and press SAMPLES to toggle the PAD FX 1 Mode 'ON' and 'OFF'.


-Filter 92-O

-Delay T3

-Echo Freeze

-Beatmasher x3

-Turntable FX

-Transpose Stretch (Activated by supercombo)

-LaserSlicer (Activated by supercombo)

-Ramp Delay

4. PAD FX 2:
Hold SHIFT and press STEMS to toggle the PAD FX 2 Mode 'ON' and 'OFF'. 


-Filter LFO

-Delay T3

-Echo Freeze

-Gater x3

-Turntable FX

-WormHole (Activated by supercombo)

-Flanger Pulse (Activated by supercombo)

-Macro 1: Beatmasher + Reverb + Filter 92

-Macro 2: Beatmasher + LoFi + Peak Filter

-Macro 3: LaserSlicer + Phaser + Peak Filter

-Macro 4: Gater + Zzzurp + WormHole

Note on PAD FX:

-Each deck uses 2 FX Units which means that you can control effects on Decks A and C independently of Decks B and D.

-The Echo Freeze button have built in fail/safe setting - once it is activated, the mapping will prevent you from selecting an other Deck or a Pad Mode until you deactivate the Echo Freeze button first. In this way you won't have to think about whether you left it activated or not. You can also deactivate the Echo Freeze by Loading a corresponding Deck.

(A/C + B/D + HOTCUES + SAMPLES + STEMS + VIEW are disabled whilst Echo Freeze is activated)

-Top four fx buttons are extension of a PAD FX. Use them in combination with pads for more instant grat effect controls.
Press a button to activate effects and keep it held down to modulate fx parameters automatically.


Download and unzip the file. Inside you should see one folder with mapping content. It is strongly recommended to back up all your current mappings and effect settings in the Controller Manager before importing this one because those will be overwritten in the step 2! And be aware that there is no undo.  

1). Start Traktor and click the gear symbol to open the preferences window. Click the BIG IMPORT button which is located at the bottom of the preferences window and then navigate to the folder where the .tsi file is saved. Once you select the .tsi and click on OK the next window will pop-up asking you which settings do you wish to import - ONLY the "controller mappings" and the "effect settings' categories should be selected - then click on OK. Please note that you need to repeat this step one more time to successfully import the FX settings. (this only matters if you're installing this mapping for the first time)

 Go into the Controller Manager's upper-right corner and make sure that the In-Port is set to your Kontrol S4 MK3 hardware.
If you want to add more controller mappings next to this one be sure to use smaller Import button which is located under Device Setup: Add > Import TSI > Import Other.

If you are checking out mappings and looking into buying S4 please consider ordering from DJ Techtools Store: https://store.djtechtools.com/products/traktor-kontrol-s4

Your S4 will come with free set of Chroma Caps =)

Click on http://traktormappingservice.com/ if you need help with custom mappings for Traktor or Ableton.

Let me know in the comments if you need support or bugs to report and be sure to click on Subscribe to get notified about new updates.

Mix on and I hope this mapping serves you well.
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v0.4.2
Jason 3 days ago
Hi buddy. In best jump mode which I really like what's the thinking of jumping to 32 bars? I am thinking this mode will be good for acapellas and stuff.
Stewe 2 days ago

Hi Jason, 32 bars are 128 beats. Have you meant 32 beats? If so, you should be able to do that already with pads 7 and 8. Let me know if you have any issues with that.

Jason 2 days ago

Yeah sorry 32 beats. All the other are like alot shorter. I'm just curoius as to why 32 beats and not 8 for the last one. Your a mapping ninja so you will have a reason to it.

Stewe 2 days ago

You can tap "beatjump 4" twice if you need to jump 8 beats (which I never do). 32 beats is far more useful than 8 beats jump.

PCunha 9 days ago
Awesome mapping, thanks for all the options! I've been founding some bugs, I'll start writing them down to get back here. The one I can remember now is capturing loops from Deck. It's not working, it always tries to capture from Loop Recorder
Stewe 9 days ago

Need more info... 1) Which mapping version (freeze-roll-beatjump-remix) do you use?___2) Which Deck is issue?

zar 22 days ago
There is another more serious problem. When I open the browser, if I click on the headphone the program loads the song into the deck and does not activate the headphone. This happens only with an open browser.
zar 22 days ago

Can you fix it please?

Stewe 22 days ago

This is also a feature. Please see Advanced Browser JPG for more info about it. You can send me a request on http://traktormappingservice.com and I will edit that out.

zar 23 days ago
this map is all perfect and for this I will make a donation. but only one thing I can't understand: I can't understand how to use TONE PLAY MODE during the dj set. when I press shift + play the TONE PLAY is activated but then when I click on pad 1 the song freezes and I have to click 2 more times to reactivate, this is not very smooth. can you make a video on how to use it easily? thanks
Stewe 23 days ago

1) Which mapping version (freeze-roll-beatjump-remix) do you use?___2) Which Deck is issue?___3) Can you duplicate the issue every time? The Tone Play is basically a piano - you set a cuepoint and then trigger+key adjust - check out DJ Rafik Maschine mapping for Tone Play on Youtube to learn more about this feature!

zar 23 days ago

TT mode is ok. the problem is in JOG mode because while the song goes on when I activate a cue in tone play, it takes 2 bars of silence. activation is not immediate.

zar 23 days ago


zar 23 days ago

same problem is in all 4 maps

zar 23 days ago

this only happens when Cue Play (CUP) Mode is "On Release", the song freezes and the piano loses 2 shots.

Stewe 23 days ago

Thank you for making a video of the issue. For JOG mode, ensure that: Preferences\Transport\Cue Play (CUP) Mode\ set to "Instant" (not "On Release" which is default setting).

Jason 25 days ago
Not sure if it's the mapping or not but sometimes when I press cue the software sticks and the grids judders a little. It's defo not hardware. When u set a hotcue it works again. Bit of a weird one. Can anyone else produce it?
Stewe 23 days ago

It is most likely the computer mate. If you are on Windows PC than look up for tips on optimization for DJing and Music production. If you are on Mac than it is Traktor related in which case you should report the issue to Native Instruments Support.

Jason 21 days ago

Cool man, I tweaked the settings to 48,000 kHz and down to 128. My mac is trying harder but it seems more responsive.