Midifighter Twister - 4 Deck STEMS (AB - CD - FX)

Description and Instructions

Made for people who are more into traditional way of mixing but still want to utilize all four Stem Decks with a single peace of equipment. This MF Twister mapping will allow just that.

Upper side buttons: Stem Decks A+B (Slot Volume, Mute and Filter)
Center side buttons: Stem Decks C+D (Slot Volume, Mute and Filter)
Bottom side buttons: Stem Decks A+B+C+D (Slot FX)

Visual Feedback:

While the current version of Traktor doesn't display individual stem waveforms on its interface we took advantage of Twister's advanced customization options and included VU meters for each slot you have solid feedback of what's going on in your mix.
The Filter LED button state is multi functional - while the Filters are ON you will be able to monitor your Stem Deck Volume fader via the LED brightness.

  • Download and unzip the included mapping file
  • Open the MF Utility, Click on "File > Import Settings" and locate "Utility Settings - TW_4STEM_AB_CD_FX_V1.mfs" included with this download.
  • Click on "Send to Midifighter" and close the MF Utility after your device updates.
  • Open Traktor 2.9 (or higher) and press on the cogwheel icon to reveal the preferences window
  • Click on Controller Manager
  • Click on "Add...>Import TSI>Import Other...." andĀ locate "TW_4STEM_AB_CD_FX_V1"
  • Once this is imported check the In/Out Ports for both pages of this mappingĀ 
Note: If you wish to disable the VU meters simply select "None" as the In/Out Ports for "TW_STEM_VU_V1"

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Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.