Behringer CMD MM-1 isolate

Description and Instructions

Hey guys,

Introducing CMD MM-1 advanced Traktor mapping.

Main features:
-Two mixing styles
-EQ kill and x-fader deck target
-Isolator FX (cut/add)

Download and unzip the file before importing to Traktor.

Lot of details in DJTT forum:

Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v0.3.0
Picho over 5 years ago
Como puedo prender los leds de el bolumen en mi mm1
snowwalker about 9 years ago
it's not working
Stewe about 9 years ago

Sorry to hear. This mapping is operating in MIDI channel 5. Please ensure your MM1 is transmuting massages in that channel. You can download the Channel Changer utility for CMD of the Behringer site and change the device settings to match the channel settings for this mapping. Hope this helps.

Goddamnsamcore over 9 years ago
Thanks for the mapping! It works great and has everything I need. I'm pretty new to editing mappings and wanted to know if anyone could help me out with changing bank 1 and 3 to the S4 Mapping, where the channels are CABD??? Thanks
Ben Workman over 9 years ago
not working for me please help i do not know what is wrong i open the file before importing and only the crossfader and cue volume work.
danny.slag over 10 years ago
Thank you for making this. Slightly unrelated question. Are those chroma caps you have on there. I just bought the CMD MM-1 and was thinking about getting chroma caps for it.