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Select 4- Banks with top Switches (Midifighter Twister)

Description and Instructions

This midifighter settings file allow you to control and access any of four Banks by pushing down switches top encoders row. Bes sure to import it into Midifighter Utility and click on "Send to Midifighter" to apply new setting to the device.

File ---> Import Settings ---> "MWTF_EncoderSwitches_BankChange_1.0"

Row 1, Knob 1 = Bank 1 (Ch.4.CC.0)

Row 1, Knob 2 = Bank 2 (Ch.4.CC.1)

Row 1, Knob 3 = Bank 3 (Ch.4.CC.2)

Row 1, Knob 4 = Bank 4 (Ch.4.CC.3) 
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