Kontrol Z2 RekordboxDJ Mapping

Description and Instructions

This is mapping from forum member Eguerr731 huge thanks for creating and sharing this mapping to everyone!

To read more and share your feedback please see the original Forum Thread in RekordboxDJ sub-forum: http://forum.djtechtools.com/showthread.php?t=94730

If you don't already know, with the Z2 you have to mix internally in rekordbox software because of how the Z2 soundcard only outputs to the 'monitor' and 'master' channels. Not a bad thing as you get post fader effects this way but it has a couple of quirks in the mapping. I have included in the Controller Editor Template you may have to load to Z2 first.


So, in this mapping all the mixer controls obviously do what you'd expect them to.

-one quirk is the mixer headphone cue buttons, volume, and mix/cue knobs are not midi. the volume and mix/cue knobs work still as the control the sound between the monitor/master channels within the mixer, but when you start up rekordbox you have to manually set within the software, mix knob all the way to the left (cue) and headphone level knob up to get good volume out to the monitor channel. it seems to reset everytime rekordbox is restarted. (I have mapped shift+low eq knobs to control this just to more easly adjust at start up but then you can forget about it).

-Headphone cue buttons are mapped to the S and Q buttons above the 'Browse encoder. 'S' button for channel 1, and 'Q' button for channel 2. 

-Browse/load work as expected with shift+load being Instant Doubles.

-Filter knobs are color effects.

-Int/Rel buttons do what they're labeled

-Sync buttons are set to Play/Pause for each deck

-I have only 4 hotcues mapped per channel to the pads, with shift and hotcue being delete. You could Map the other hotcues to shift function instead.

-Flux is Slip mode


And for effects: they also work as labeled. 

-Shift+effect on button toggles up through different effects. I use effects in 'single' mode and ave the knob under wet/dry control effects knob 2, and deck C and D knobs mapped to effects knob 3.

-The A,C and B,D buttons above the hotcues change the effects beat sizes


Shift+A,C and B,D scroll through Memory Cue points set in track.

Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v0.1.0
Nicolas almost 6 years ago
Super mapping work perfectly! THX
Jason Staten almost 6 years ago

Nicolas - jasonstaten@gmail.com I downloadedthis apping and perhaps did not load it correctly. The cue buttons seem to not work. Relative buttons are also an issue. I could use you or someone else help. - THANKS!

Torin over 6 years ago
PLEASE HELP, I have downloaded the mapping all is good however when I go to the input settings there is no 'input deck 1/2' when I click setting utility it says it the driver selected does not have it, so I am unable to use my Turntables ??