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Xone K2 custom A-B mapping for TPro 3

Description and Instructions

Simple 2 Deck mapping which activates following set of features.

- Cue

- Play

- Sync

- Flux

- Master Deck Selector

- Tempo Bend

- Tempo Adjust (and fine tempo adjust)

- Reverse

- Flux Reverse

- Loop Set

- Loop Active On

- Loop Size Selector

- Move or Loop Move (if is in Active loop)

- Beatjump

- Channel, Gain, Eq and Monitor

- Mixer FX Activate, Adjust and Selector

- Gain, Eq and Mixer FX Reset

- Eq Kill Low, Mid and High

- Center Detent Indicators (for mixer controls)

- Deck is "On Air" Indicator

- Jump to Track Start

- Browser View toggle

- Scroll Favorites

- Scroll Tree

- Scroll List

- Hotcues Layer toggle

- Set Hotcue 1-8

- Delete Hotcue 1-8

Click on https://traktormaps.com/ if you need help with custom mappings for Traktor

PayPal.Me/vstimidi for donations.

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Comments for v0.1.0
Casey Bates 3 months ago
This mapping is impressive. I'm excited to try it out. Can this mapping be adapted to decks C-D for use with two K2's to control four decks? Thanks!
Marcus Dahlqvist 9 months ago
This is next level mapping. Im so great full i found you Stewe. Finally I got my Allen & Heat K2 to work with Traktor Pro 3. Will send some cash in appreciation. Thanks
Stewe 9 months ago

I'm glad to hear that's the case! Much appreciated.

Artem over 1 year ago
Hey! Thanks for mapping! On what layer does it works?
Stewe over 1 year ago

Hey, you have to disable latching layers for this one. Also ensure to transmit on Channel 15. Have fun!

Samuellito over 1 year ago

Someone please help me out, I have traktor latest update and I see 4 red lights and 6 orange after installing the tsi in traktor, but if I push a button nothing happens

Stewe over 1 year ago

Check your In-Port and Out-Port in the Controller Manager. Both should be assigned to "Xone K2".

Maurice about 1 year ago

Hi, i just follow the instruction but the funktion are only not even half working.

Stewe 10 months ago

This mapping is packed in two different Devices. Make sure both Device_1 and Device_2 are assigned to K2 controller.