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Xone K2 custom A-B mapping for TPro 3

Description and Instructions

Simple 2 Deck mapping which activates following set of features.

- Cue

- Play

- Sync

- Flux

- Master Deck Selector

- Tempo Bend

- Tempo Adjust (and fine tempo adjust)

- Reverse

- Flux Reverse

- Loop Set

- Loop Active On

- Loop Size Selector

- Move or Loop Move (if is in Active loop)

- Beatjump

- Channel, Gain, Eq and Monitor

- Mixer FX Activate, Adjust and Selector

- Gain, Eq and Mixer FX Reset

- Eq Kill Low, Mid and High

- Center Detent Indicators (for mixer controls)

- Deck is "On Air" Indicator

- Jump to Track Start

- Browser View toggle

- Scroll Favorites

- Scroll Tree

- Scroll List

- Hotcues Layer toggle

- Set Hotcue 1-8

- Delete Hotcue 1-8

Click on http://traktormappingservice.com/ if you need help with custom mappings for Traktor

PayPal.Me/vstimidi for donations.

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Comments for v0.1.0
Marcus Dahlqvist about 1 month ago
This is next level mapping. Im so great full i found you Stewe. Finally I got my Allen & Heat K2 to work with Traktor Pro 3. Will send some cash in appreciation. Thanks
Stewe about 1 month ago

I'm glad to hear that's the case! Much appreciated.

Artem 11 months ago
Hey! Thanks for mapping! On what layer does it works?
Stewe 11 months ago

Hey, you have to disable latching layers for this one. Also ensure to transmit on Channel 15. Have fun!

Samuellito 10 months ago

Someone please help me out, I have traktor latest update and I see 4 red lights and 6 orange after installing the tsi in traktor, but if I push a button nothing happens

Stewe 10 months ago

Check your In-Port and Out-Port in the Controller Manager. Both should be assigned to "Xone K2".

Maurice 5 months ago

Hi, i just follow the instruction but the funktion are only not even half working.

Stewe about 1 month ago

This mapping is packed in two different Devices. Make sure both Device_1 and Device_2 are assigned to K2 controller.