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Xone K2 custom A-B mapping for TPro 3

Description and Instructions

Simple 2 Deck mapping which activates following set of features.

- Cue

- Play

- Sync

- Flux

- Master Deck Selector

- Tempo Bend

- Tempo Adjust (and fine tempo adjust)

- Reverse

- Flux Reverse

- Loop Set

- Loop Active On

- Loop Size Selector

- Move or Loop Move (if is in Active loop)

- Beatjump

- Channel, Gain, Eq and Monitor

- Mixer FX Activate, Adjust and Selector

- Gain, Eq and Mixer FX Reset

- Eq Kill Low, Mid and High

- Center Detent Indicators (for mixer controls)

- Deck is "On Air" Indicator

- Jump to Track Start

- Browser View toggle

- Scroll Favorites

- Scroll Tree

- Scroll List

- Hotcues Layer toggle

- Set Hotcue 1-8

- Delete Hotcue 1-8

Click on https://traktormaps.com/ if you need help with custom mappings for Traktor

PayPal.Me/vstimidi for donations.

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Comments for v0.2.0
beatcook 2 months ago
hej Stewe, thank you for the update. EG Kills work now for me, but unfortunately I'm still struggling with Noise Low & High Pass Filter. It's mapped to Deck C (Low) and Deck D (High). Any ideas? The 4th Mixer Effect Slot is mapped with Filter for me, and this works without any issues. If I set Noise, I does not make the line faders react I just lose the Filter option.. ;)
beatcook about 1 month ago

still not working for me, any ideas?

Stewe about 1 month ago

No idea except that maybe you didn't assign In and Out ports for second part of the mapping. Also check for the firmware update at this point. I made a quick vid to show you how faders 1 and 4 are supposed to sound like (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2u4bNWnzpfU).

Stewe about 1 month ago

I might as well create a separate version and then delete them as they are most certainly confusing and not useful to many.