MIDI Fighter Spectra Ninja

Description and Instructions

Designed for ultimate control!

This mapping contain more than a 30 layers of buttons offering you control over almost every aspect of transport control in Traktor plus powerful FX engine and Isolate mode.

All features content:

Bank 1:

1. Deck focus
2. Double deck focus
3. All hotcue A and B
4. All hotcue C and D
5. Looper one - deck focus loop size and flux mode
6. Looper two - four deck auto/manual loop set and loop size
7. Beatjump
8. Tempo adjust and seek position
9. Mixer - 4 deck
10. EQ kill and Filter On
11. X-Fader
12. Loop Recorder with beat position
13. Browser
14. Prep Tool
15. Global control
16. VU meter - 4 deck

Bank 2:

1. Remix deck focus
2. Page selector
3. Cell delete
- this bank have more control to come

Bank 3:

2. Echo freeze mode
3. Slicer Grat
4. Breakdown combos
5. Delay zone
6. Stretch 'n' Gater
7. Glitch
8. !! CHAMBERS !! (menu with 12 sub modes of FX presets)

Bank 4:

1. Isolator FX
2. Deck C and EQ adjust for Isolator decks


1. In order to use this mapping, please download and unzip the mapping files. Inside you should see a .tsi file and a .mfs file.

2. Open the MF Utility and Import the .mfs file. This will import the proper MF Spectra settings. Note: This mapping doesn't use utility to determine the button color for each bank so all the buttons should display BLACK after importing the .mfs file.

3. In Traktor's Preferences window, press the large Import button on the bottom left. Repeat this step once more to ensure that the FX settings load properly. Note: If buttons/modes are not loading the proper effects you need to import the FX settings one more time.

4. Go into the Controller Manager and make sure that the In-Port and Out-Port for the mapping are set to your MF Spectra for each part of the mapping (all seven mapping devices).