CMD MM-1 custom 2 deck mapping

Description and Instructions

Hey guys,

This is a mapping design to effectively mix two track decks internally in Traktor and without any additional hardware.

Make sure to have 2.6.0 or above installed before importing the .tsi file.


Mixer: x-fader, line faders, high, mid, low, gain, filter, master vol, cue vol, mix and x-fader curve adjust.

Deck: cue, play, tempo bend, sync, keylock (preserve pitch), loop set, loop size, flux mode, seek position and key adjust.


Download file and un-zip it to get the mapping. Import file to traktor using ether large import button if you want to overwrite existing mappings or from device menu if you wish to add this mapping to your already imported ones.
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v0.1.0
chepe about 7 years ago
I had to change everything to Ch 1 also, but after that it works well. got a MM-1 for my 11 year old daughter, and this mapping looks like it has everything she will need to get started. Thanks
Matthew over 10 years ago
Great job. You just made the MM1 a lot more fun and portable. I had to remap to channel 1 though. Bizarrely.
Stewe over 10 years ago

Thanks mate. I think that you have one of the pre-production models which are operating in ch1. Glad you managed to re-map and got it running.

DJ Ruby Rhod over 10 years ago

Same as Matthew, I was Ch. 1 as well, ordered my MM-1 on Jan. 25th and got it yesterday. Behringer documentation online details it as using Ch. 5, oh well. Thanks for the mapping Stewe, will be using live on the air today.