Twister script for 12 Sends (Selected Track)

Description and Instructions

Ths script works with Live 11! The following Ableton article will teach you how to install the remote scripts.

12 Sends - Push to close the Send - Track Volume - Track Mute - Track Pan - Push to reset Pan - Track Arm - Scroll Tracks

Note: In case that you have 50+ Tracks in your Ableton Sends then you can also Push + Turn the knob 16 to select tracks more precisely. (Encoder Fine Adjust mode)

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Comments for v0.1.0
fuib 6 days ago
works great in general! however you can't raise the selected track volume above 0 (zero), and for tracks that have a volume set above 0, when you dial the encoder it shows the message: "remotify: snapping is off for this control. Chick min / max values" and snaps the volume back to 0.
fuib 6 days ago

also causes the Twister to flash its LEDs when quitting Live