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Logic Pro Map for Midifighter Twister

Description and Instructions

This is basic controller mapping to get you up and running with Logic Pro.

It is based on two Track Select buttons (Previous Track and Next Track) and offers Volume, Pan, Bus 1-2-3 (sends), EQ Low-Mid-Hi, Input Monitor, Mute and Solo for the selected Track. In addition, the Track Volume, Pan and Bus 1-2-3 are supported with easy push-knob-to-reset value feature.


  • Stop (Push again to Rewind to start)
  • Play (Push again to Rewind to start and Play)
  • Record
  • Cycle (Loop)
  • Playhead Rewind (By 1 bar)
  • Playhead Forward (By 1 bar)
  • Playhead (Scroll Fine Adjust)
  • Vertical Zoom (Scroll)
  • Horizontal Zoom (Scroll)


  • Select Previous Track
  • Select Next Track
  • Track Volume (Push knob to reset the value to 0%)
  • Track Pan (Push knob to reset the value to 50%)
  • Track Bus 1 (Push knob to reset the value to 0%)
  • Track Bus 2 (Push knob to reset the value to 0%)
  • Track Bus 3 (Push knob to reset the value to 0%)
  • Track Input Monitor (Toggle switch)
  • Track Mute (Toggle switch)
  • Track Solo (Toggle switch)

Currently only mapped is Midi Bank 1 but side buttons are already configured to navigate between all four banks and access Shift Page A. More on that in following versions of the mapping!

Installation Guide is included in the download package. Download, Unzip and follow the instructions.
Let me know if you need support or have any questions and feature suggestions.

Stay safe and healthy!

Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v0.1.0
Becky about 1 month ago
If I replace my existing com.apple.logic.pro.cs file with the included one, it breaks all my other MIDI controller integrations. But without using the included file, I can't get this to work. How can I integrate without causing problems for all my other devices? Thanks.