4 Deck Stems Decks Control (MF Twister) (Stewe edit)

Description and Instructions

Stewe edit: 6/15/2017

This mapping adds Remix Deck C control to the existing Stem Deck (Sub Mix) functionality. 
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This is a four deck mapping designed to give you total control over the new Stem Decks introduced with Traktor Pro 2.9. Using the side buttons on your Midi Fighter Twister you'll be able to navigate through the three different levels that cover everything you need to rock this new deck type

  • Level 1: Slot Volume Adjust and Slot Mute ON/OFF
  • Level 2: Slot Filter Adjust and Slot Filter ON/OFF
  • Level 3: Slot FX Amount and Slot FX ON/OFF
While the current version of Traktor doesn't display individual stem waveforms on its interface we took advantage of Twister's advanced customisation options and included VU meters for each slot you have solid feedback of what's going on in your mix.

  • Download and unzip the included mapping file
  • Open the MF Utility, Click on "File > Import Settings" and locate "Utility Settings - Twister_Stems_4-Deck_V1.mfs" included with this download.
  • Click on "Send to Midifighter" and close the MF Utility after your device updates.
  • Open Traktor 2.9 (or higher) and press on the cogwheel icon to reveal the preferences window
  • Click on Controller Manager
  • Click on "Add...>Import TSI>Import Other...." and locate "Twister_Stems_4-Deck_V1_1"
  • Once this is imported check the In/Out Ports for both pages of this mapping 
Note: If you wish to disable the VU meters simply select "None" as the In/Out Ports for "TW STEMS - VU Meters"

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