4 Deck Stems Decks Control (MF Twister)

Description and Instructions

This is a four deck mapping designed to give you total control over the new Stem Decks introduced with Traktor Pro 2.9. Using the side buttons on your Midi Fighter Twister you'll be able to navigate through the three different levels that cover everything you need to rock this new deck type

  • Level 1: Slot Volume Adjust and Slot Mute ON/OFF
  • Level 2: Slot Filter Adjust and Slot Filter ON/OFF
  • Level 3: Slot FX Amount and Slot FX ON/OFF
While the current version of Traktor doesn't display individual stem waveforms on its interface we took advantage of Twister's advanced customisation options and included VU meters for each slot you have solid feedback of what's going on in your mix.

  • Download and unzip the included mapping file
  • Open the MF Utility, Click on "File > Import Settings" and locate "Utility Settings - Twister_Stems_4-Deck_V1.mfs" included with this download.
  • Click on "Send to Midifighter" and close the MF Utility after your device updates.
  • Open Traktor 2.9 (or higher) and press on the cogwheel icon to reveal the preferences window
  • Click on Controller Manager
  • Click on "Add...>Import TSI>Import Other...." andĀ locate "Twister_Stems_4-Deck_V1_1"
  • Once this is imported check the In/Out Ports for both pages of this mappingĀ 
Note: If you wish to disable the VU meters simply select "None" as the In/Out Ports for "TW STEMS - VU Meters"

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If you need Stem files to rock along your Twister you can grab them by clicking on this link

Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v0.1.1
Weird O almost 7 years ago
Any clue why I go through import at MF Utility and Traktor .tsi shows both Main and VU mappings... in/out is set to Midi Fighter Twister... the twister looks pretty... has three levels... all the leds change when I toggle and twist but I'll be a son-of-a-kook if I could get it to ACTUALLY control Traktor 2.11 in the least. What am I doing wrong here? Do I need to light some sage or scented candles?
lune almost 6 years ago

hi weird o, i'm facing the exact same problem right now. did you eventually, after a year of sage and scented candles, make it work? if you found out what was wrong, it would be super helpful. thanks a lot!

Roland almost 8 years ago
hej hej, i hope one of you cracks can help me! i would love to use this stem mapping for my twister. now im want to change the third level to set loops and length, move loops, and browsing. so i deleted the third level mapping (the fxsend). when i now set loop learn with the first in coder im not able to to switch between hold and toggle so i just set a loop and thats it ... how can i change the encoder to be toggled ? the plan for level 3 is: A1: rotate: loop lenght press: set loop A2: Loop move press: open browser A3: tree move press: open tree A4: list move press: load deck A help is need, appreciated,warmly welcome and taken thankfully
Stewe almost 8 years ago


Ed Chapman over 8 years ago
I'm not seeing an option for "TW STEMS - VU Meters" anywhere. Where is the second part of the mapping?
Stewe over 8 years ago

Preferences > Controller Manager > Device Menu > Device. When you click on the slot next to "Device" the drop down menu will appear with both mapping parts listed. The second part is called "TW STEMS - VU Meters" you need to set the Out-Port to the Midifighter Twister in order to enable the VU-Meter outputs.

Ed Chapman over 8 years ago

Yeah it not showing up for some reason. It does show up on the stems AB and CD mapping though so I'll just edit that one.

Tony Rose over 8 years ago
I do have the 13 Aug 2014 firmware, and I have followed these instructions, twice for good measure. I do not see the VU meters mapping when I import the tsi file.
Stewe over 8 years ago

The VU meters are located in your second part of the mapping - be sure to select "Midifighter Twister" as the In/Out Ports for "TW STEMS - VU Meters" and they will show up.

Deksel over 8 years ago
I'm probably missing something: I don't see the VU metering in the video, and I don't see anything flashing on my MF (the rest is working though. I was expecting the blue lights on page one to have similar VU effects such as on the F1 mapping. What am i missing? (I do have midi out mapped to the twister on both mappings...)
padi_04 over 8 years ago

Make sure you are running the 13 Aug 2014 firmware, the VU meters change the brightness of the LED rings.

Stewe over 8 years ago

Also be sure to import provided MFS file via MF Utility.