DJTT Kontrol S2 Mk1 Custom Mapping

Description and Instructions

This page is to be used as the official thread for sharing any issues, bugs, questions, and general feedback for the DJ Techtools Kontrol S2 Mk1 Custom Mapping, version 1.3.

-Fixed HotCue Leds -Fixed various kinds of bugs.
-Some compatibility changes for Traktor 2.6.5.
-Works with Traktor 2.6.5 up to 2.6.8
-Basic operation now works as advertised again.

Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v1.3.0
NIKI about 1 month ago
can you please make it compatible with tractor pro 2.11.0 23
caevv over 1 year ago
I just downgraded to 2.6.8 and I'm still having issues while browing through my tracks & directories. It's literally skipping tracks or directories.
jacob over 1 year ago
how do i get it to engage i have no reset button only a flux button
DJ Dubner over 1 year ago
How can i map this to the mk2? can you help me?
wgg420 almost 2 years ago
is there a way to modify this to include access to hot cues 5-8? Please advise, thanks.