Mad Zach's Midi Fighter 3D Ableton Template

Description and Instructions

The template is a combination of MIDI drum loops and one shots. Each bank contains three stages of beat, which typically vary from primary and alternate, to build/fill. There is also a stop beat button on each bank. Above the bottom row of beat control are three independent percussion/rhythm MIDI loops which can also be used to enhance or strip your mix. Each bank also contains a build button, which is responsive to motion control, and can be used to create epic builds on the fly. The one shots are both samples and synth patches. Most of them are responsive to the 3D's motion. If you tilt the 3D to the left, it will activate a beat repeat, and tilting forward applies a master low pass filter to the mix.

One note about compatibility- this version is for Ableton Live 8.2.6 and above only, and requires Operator. Future versions will incorporate Ableton 7 support!

Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v1.0.0
Jarrod Job about 4 years ago
For Beats and Rhythms - How were you guys able to get the LED to turn red as the clip is loading to play and turn off once triggered? I love that effect. Is that a special MIDI Chain?
Marcel Kamst over 7 years ago
I've requested a support ticket for always alpha's question: "I seem to be having an issue with this mapping. After I launch a series of samples in one bank on the mf 3d, I then switch to another bank to be able to launch a different set of samples. Upon doing so the notes from the previous bank get "stuck" on and in order for me to stop them I must then switch back to the previous bank and press that button again to turn off the clip. Any help would be appreciated. I have an iMac with the latest OS, I have Ableton 9 with operator, and I have the mapping loaded properly (I think)."
padi_04 over 7 years ago

Make sure you fully release the button before switching banks, otherwise your 3D won't send the Note Off message. This is actually a feature since it allows you to have some samples keep playing while you switch banks to engage a new set.

Jose Luis Damian almost 8 years ago
It works just fine! It's awesome!
Jose Reyes Jr. about 8 years ago
I followed the instructions and when I hit the buttons nothing plays. Did I do anything wrong during the setup?
Juan about 6 years ago

If you left the config program open, this prevents Live from using the device.

Dirtjump132 over 8 years ago
I got most of the mapping right I think but there are only drum loops, no single hit drum samples. I feel like when I watch zachs videos he hits the kick snare and hi hats as single shots...maybe i'm wrong?