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DJTT Kontrol S4 MK1 Custom Mapping

Description and Instructions

DJTT Kontrol S4 MK1 Mapping v2.0.7 Update

Freeze Mode available.

This mapping is for the S4 MK1, the S4 MK2 mapping can be found here:

This page is to be used as the official thread for sharing any issues, bugs, questions, and general feedback for the DJ Techtools Kontrol S4 Custom Mapping.
The current release version is v2.0.7
This mapping is designed and maintained by DJTT Beaubryte.

This release reflects the Traktor 2.7.0 update with many added features and major improvements. It’s a straightforward but fully loaded mapping suitable for performing.
It comes with lots of changeable mods, which you can edit in the controller manager.

It's impossible to cover all features here,
Read the manual or have a look at our quick guide for more info.


Time Code Support - Beat Tap ­ - JogFX ­ - Echo Mods ­ - Browser Mod - ­ Headphone Mod ­- Preview Player- Key Adjust ­ - 4 FX units ­ - ­ Auto Switch Decks - Quick load next track -­ FX presets - ­ Filter On Buttons  -­ Panic Button ­- 8 HotCues ­ - SuperFX Mode-  ­ Customizable Mods – AutoFX ­ - Macro FX ­- Layout Selector - FX Off after loading - ­ Adjust Tempo by 0.01 BPM - ­ Any Shift On Mixer ­- Remix Deck Hybrid Mode - Freeze Mode

What's New in v2.0.7?

>Freeze Mode :  
To Toggle Freeze Mode:  Press SHIFT + LOOP IN
Exit Freeze Mode/ Escape: Press SHIFT + LOOP OUT

Turn Loop Size Knob = Adjust Slice Size
Shift+ Turn Loop Size Knob = Adjust Slice Count
Push Loop Set Knob = Enable Loop
(More Info in the Manual)


+ Improved Echo Mods 
+Match Mk2 a bit more
+Partly fixed the Loop Display for Deck A and B
+Added Time Code support
+Various new features on the master button
+Offset Button Down = Flux Mode
+Offset Button Up = Reset Tempo
+Minor bug fixes

Hold Master Button
+ FX Button 1/2 = Crossfader left/right assignments
+ Turn Browse Knob = Change Screen Layout
+ Turn Gain Knob = Change Platter and Scope View (Traktor Scratch only)
+ Push Gain Knob = Change Deck mode (Track/Line-in/Remix Deck)

Time Code Support (Traktor Scratch only)
> Shift + Headphone Cues = Set to Relative Mode
> Hold Master+ Headphone Cues = Enable Scratch + Calibrate
> Hold Master + Turn Gain = Change Platter and Scope View
> Hold Master + Push Gain = Switch Track/Line/Remix Decks
> Play button = Set to internal mode
> Tempo Offset UP = Reset Tempo

Left Knob: BeatJump /Move Loop/ Loop Active
Right Knob: Set Loop Size / Loop Set
Shift + Press Left Knob = Activate Echo Mod 1
Shift + Press Right Knob = Activate Echo Mod 2
Shift + Turn Left Knob (left deck) = Fine Adjust Tempo by 0.01 BPM
Shift + Turn Right Knob (left deck = Adjust Tempo Fader Range
Shift + Turn Left Knob (right deck) = Adjust Tempo Fader Range
Shift + Turn Right Knob (right deck =Fine Adjust Tempo by 0.01 BPM
Buttons: Set Loop In/out, Flashing while using Echo Mod 1/2.

See all features and more in the manual.

Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v2.0.7
tony skitini about 1 month ago
Recently came back to this mapping and it doesn't seem to do anything that default mapping does... No jog FX, no freeze mode, it's the only mapping I have loaded... I'm in Kontrol S4 MK1... It's there a new version? Used to love this one.
Carlos over 2 years ago
I have tried for a long time to do the mapping of my traktor s4 1st version with vdj and so far i have nothing... i know this is probably an old design but i really would like to get this going... can any one help me... step by step or link up to my system and install this mapper for me... PLEASE... thank you...
Bryan over 2 years ago
followed instructions to a T but the device won't activate nor will it allow me to change the port. "none" is the only available
DJ Techtools over 2 years ago

You have issue with S4 driver and not with the mapping itself. Try to reinstall driver for your S4. Also please note if you are on a Mac that Kontrol S4 MK1 (original one) is no longer supported on newer OS X systems.

Sean C Sang Sr almost 3 years ago
Will this mapping still work with Traktor Pro 3?
DJ Techtools almost 3 years ago

All mappings for TPro 2 are going to work with TPro 3.

Sean C Sang Sr 23 days ago

I'm back. I think this may be a stretch, but does Traktor 3.x allow this mapping to work. I read somewhere that NI disabled mapping. That would be a shame. Would go a long way to allow creativity with a creative tool from creative people. I love the new direction, but am sad for the loss of capability.

Abtein about 3 years ago
I just downloaded and tried using today.. Everything seems to work just fine except that fx activate buttons 1/2 will shut off the opposite fx unit if Jogfx is active? i.e. jogfx is active and effecting deck A. If I go to use an instant effect from fx unit 2, the corresponding fx activate button will shut off for deck A immediately upon pressing the instant fx button. Not sure if this was the original intention but it can be a little frustrating if I would want to be effecting say a track on deck A via jogfx and for some reason needed to quickly switch to an effect on fx unit 2? At any rate I just started playing around on it today.. will do more tomorrow and see if there seems to be anything else.. other than that it seems to be quite a great mapping