MF Pro Cue Master Mapping FOCUS AB

Description and Instructions

If you would like to see the original forum thread for this mapping, you can do so here: 

NOTE: This is a 2 Deck Focus mapping. To move the Deck Focus around, Press the Shift button + the Sync button. "Focus" will move from Decks A->B->A.

Please use the Large Import button on the bottom left section of the Preferences window to import this mapping. 

After doing so, please go into the Controller Manager section of Preferences and set the appropriate In-Ports and Out-Ports for your MF Pro Cue Master.

The core 4x4 arcade button part of this mapping takes concepts from both the Deckalized mapping and the Instant Gratification mapping; however, it is not a direct combination of both. For example, Shift+Record will still trigger Juggle Mode when not "Recording". However, if you press Shift+Record while "Recording" you will find that the "Sample Slicer" functionality has dramatically changed.
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v2.3.1
jamie lessiter about 8 years ago
Shame they don't keep updating on this stuff. you know it being there gear they made it and the price tag was pretty big if I was told that they were gunna not keep this update this any more in the upcoming futures I would not of buy it. way ago dj tech tools
Micah over 11 years ago
Yeah, getting this to actually work would be great. Downloads at a tsi.html file, when changed to .tsi and imported using the large import button, just and error message.
xtian317 over 11 years ago

The mapping doesn't appear to be supported any more, but add me to the list of people having issues loading/running this mapping. I couldn't get this one loaded so I ended up downloading it from the forum thread here: Was able to get it loaded, but having issues on the fader side. Mostly with the wet/dry and FX parameters (FX units 1 and 2)...The fader will turn the FX units on, but the wet dry and/or FX amount is turned all the way down...FX preset 4 doesn't really work at all. The slicer on FX unit 1 and BeatMash on 2 are activated and the amounts increase, but the dry/wet is at zero and parameters aren't enabled/activated. I imported the mapping twice and it's the only mapping I'm running...Still no luck.

Caspian Gustavsson over 11 years ago
It just says "error while parsing settings file on import" when I try to load it ! :[ Any updates / ideas?