Midi Fighter Instant Gratification Mapping

Description and Instructions

Please note that this mapping is designed for the Midi Fighter Classic. 4 Banks Mode on the MF Classic works differently than the banks modes on newer Midi Fighter models so this may not work as expected if not using a Classic.

A version of this Instant Gratification mapping will be made for the MF 3D & MF Spectra very soon.

Please note: You need to have your Midi Fighter Classic in 4 Banks mode for this mapping to work properly.

To put your MF Classic in 4 Banks Mode
  1. Plug in your MF Classic to a USB port while holding the Top left button (the first seven LEDs should light up with the bottom right blinking)
  2. Press the Leftmost button on the 2nd row from the Top
  3. Press the Bottom row outermost corner buttons to change the Banks setting, the 3rd row from top's LEDs will signify the banks mode. (No LEDs means 4Banks Off, 2 Right LEDs means 4Banks Internal mode, All 4 LEDs means 4Banks External Mode)
  4. For the Instant Gratification mapping you need to use 4Banks Internal Mode (3rd row, 2 Right LEDs lit)
  5. Press the Blinking LED (Leftmost 2nd row from Top) Button
  6. Press the Bottom Right corner button to save these settings on the MF Classic
  7. Done! The Top Row should now toggle between the 4 Banks
You can find the original forum thread for this mapping version here: http://forum.djtechtools.com/showthread.php?t=29351 

Update (1.0.3) to the Instant Gratification mapping fixed the following bugs:

  • T3 Delay LED not working on Deck D
  • If FX3 is a Single effect and you activate the Beatmasher supercombo (by pressing all 4 Mash buttons) it would toggle the Trans effect on while it switched FX3 from a Single to a Group/Chained effect. You could not release the Trans effect unless you triggered the supercombo again. I most commonly ran into this problem when using the Slice function on the VCI-100 together with the MF IG mapping.

If anyone finds anything else you consider to be a bug, please comment on this page. Thanks! 
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v1.0.4
alex about 7 years ago
Is there an updated version of this Tsi file? I've tried re-importing on my traktor pro and it doesn't seem to be working.
MostFamous over 9 years ago
its an XML why not a tsi ? how can i import that ?
Lobster Johnson over 9 years ago

Can't figure out how to import this for the life of me, why change it?

Frank over 9 years ago
Is this ever to get updated? Still not working for me... My Midi Fighter is useless... Techtools please take care of this...
Frank about 10 years ago
Doesn't work on latest traktor version 2.6.7.
slazed about 10 years ago

Same here.

Richard Moogan about 10 years ago

Oh no! Can anyone fix this? I'd be lost without this brilliant mapping! :-(

rud about 10 years ago

Actually, the mapping works, except 3 buttons. Assuming you do set up your MFC in 4 banks mode, than import the .tsi, than assign the MFC to each "MF Classic Instant Grat *" in Traktor, things will be responsive.. Make sure you don't have several MFC mappings active on the same device (!) Regarding what doesn't work for me : Row 2, Buttons 2, 3, 4 (T3:Delay, F92:LFO, Echo).. note that these devices aren't even loaded in the Fx panels.. Oh, yeah, and I'm using the MFC with an S4-mk1 and Traktor 2.6.7 #edit: actually, the mapping works fine!! make sure you have 4Fx set in the Effects section of Traktor!

Richard Moogan about 10 years ago

Thanks for the confirmation Rud! I look forward to getting all the kit back out again and mashing the hell out of my tunes.

Richard Moogan about 10 years ago

YEAH! It works!!! A very happy man. Now if only I knew how to remap some of the effects as I'm not a fan of Lofi! I'd rather have a different string Echo Freeze.

Raoul over 10 years ago
anyone tried to "hack" this mapping for the akai mpd series? because i'm to lazy to build up my own effect chains (and to poor to buy a midifighter right now) i tried switching the commands to the correspondent channels from my mpd 26. basically it works, but there seem to be problems with increase / decrease stuff. any ideas or people around here, who managed to implement this mapping with a mpd? cheers and thanks for all the input and inspiration, djtt!
Raoul over 10 years ago

is there any explanation for the combo stuff that should work and secondary functions?