Midi Fighter Instant Gratification Mapping

Description and Instructions

Please note that this mapping is designed for the Midi Fighter Classic. 4 Banks Mode on the MF Classic works differently than the banks modes on newer Midi Fighter models so this may not work as expected if not using a Classic.

A version of this Instant Gratification mapping will be made for the MF 3D & MF Spectra very soon.

Please note: You need to have your Midi Fighter Classic in 4 Banks mode for this mapping to work properly.

To put your MF Classic in 4 Banks Mode
  1. Plug in your MF Classic to a USB port while holding the Top left button (the first seven LEDs should light up with the bottom right blinking)
  2. Press the Leftmost button on the 2nd row from the Top
  3. Press the Bottom row outermost corner buttons to change the Banks setting, the 3rd row from top's LEDs will signify the banks mode. (No LEDs means 4Banks Off, 2 Right LEDs means 4Banks Internal mode, All 4 LEDs means 4Banks External Mode)
  4. For the Instant Gratification mapping you need to use 4Banks Internal Mode (3rd row, 2 Right LEDs lit)
  5. Press the Blinking LED (Leftmost 2nd row from Top) Button
  6. Press the Bottom Right corner button to save these settings on the MF Classic
  7. Done! The Top Row should now toggle between the 4 Banks
You can find the original forum thread for this mapping version here: http://forum.djtechtools.com/showthread.php?t=29351 

Update (1.0.3) to the Instant Gratification mapping fixed the following bugs:

  • T3 Delay LED not working on Deck D
  • If FX3 is a Single effect and you activate the Beatmasher supercombo (by pressing all 4 Mash buttons) it would toggle the Trans effect on while it switched FX3 from a Single to a Group/Chained effect. You could not release the Trans effect unless you triggered the supercombo again. I most commonly ran into this problem when using the Slice function on the VCI-100 together with the MF IG mapping.

If anyone finds anything else you consider to be a bug, please comment on this page. Thanks!