Midi Fighter Deckalized Mapping FOCUS

Description and Instructions

This page is for an official DJ Techtools Deck specific mapping for the Midi Fighter and Traktor Pro called, "MF_Deckalized.tsi". See the attached button layout for features and functionality. 

If you would like to see the original forum thread for this mapping, you can find it here:  http://forum.djtechtools.com/showthread.php?t=14435  

Fun Fact: Ean has been using this mapping recently to DJ using solely two Midi Fighters (one for Deck A and one for Deck B) and an external mixer.

Upon importing the tsi, the controller manager will show four labeled device mappings (one for each Deck, A/B/C/D). You will need to set the In and Out Ports to your Midifighter(s) for the applicable Decks you want to control.

A cool new function (that may not be obvious to users at first) is the Sample Slicer. After using the Record/Sampler button to craft a sample on the fly, you can go into the Sample Slicer mode by holding Shift and pressing the Record/Sampler button again. To indicate you've moved into the Slicer mode, all of the bottom 8 button's LEDs will light up as a visual cue. You can then Slice up the sample to make some really interesting sounds by pressing any of those bottom 8 buttons. Try it out for yourself!

There is also a Juggle Mode which can be activated by pressing Shift and the Record/Sampler button while the Sampler is not active (the visual cue for this is every other of the bottom 8 LEDs lighting up). This makes the bottom 8 buttons Select or Store Hotcues 1-8 (you can delete the Cue points by using Shift and the appropriate Hotcue button). 

Also, for those of you that are unaware, I created FOCUS versions of the MF Deckalized mapping that allow you to use 1 Midi Fighter to control either 2 decks (A/B) or all 4 decks (A/B/C/D). With the focus mappings you get all the same functions and you are able to control the Deck that is currently selected as the "Focus" (i.e., highlighted orange).

The only difference is that the (Shift+Sync) subfunction which was "Load Next Song" in the original Deckalized mapping is now "Deck Focus Select" which will toggle the Deck Focus through decks A/B or all four respectively (see Focus layout jpeg).

As we work to create and improve future Midi Fighter mappings, we will be taking your input into consideration so please share your thoughts! 
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