MF Pro Beat Masher Mapping FOCUS AB

Description and Instructions

In order to properly use the mapping please open the MF Utility and make sure your MF Pro is on Channel 3, in Traktor Mode, with Combos on. Make sure to Send these Settings to the Midi Fighter.

NOTE: This is a 2 Deck Focus mapping. To move the Deck Focus around, Press the Shift button + the Sync button. "Focus" will move from Decks A->B->A. 

If you are having trouble using the Focus to switch decks you need to go into Traktor's Preferences->Global Settings->Deck Focus set to "Software".

Please use the Large Import button on the bottom left section of the Preferences window to import this mapping.

If you are adding this mapping in addition to others use the Add...->Import in the Controller Manager. This will import the mapping without overwriting the existing mappings but will not import any other tsi related settings.

After doing so, please go into the Controller Manager section of Preferences and set the appropriate In-Ports and Out-Ports for your MF Pro Beat Masher.

The core 4x4 arcade button part of this mapping takes concepts from both the Deckalized mapping and the Instant Gratification mapping; however, it is not a direct combination of both. For example, Shift+Record will still trigger Juggle Mode when not "Recording". However, if you press Shift+Record while "Recording" you will find that the "Sample Slicer" functionality has dramatically changed.

If you would like to see the original forum thread for this mapping, you can do so here: 
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