DJTT VCI-400SE Mapping

Description and Instructions

The video above is an explanation for the original v1 mapping which uses MIDI firmware v1.

If you have any difficulty or issues switching the MIDI firmware on your VCI-400SE, please reference the comments below (they may help with a solution) or send in a support ticket to DJ Techtools ( and someone will help you out!

DJTT VCI-400SE MIDI Mapping for Traktor Pro

This MIDI mapping requires VCI-400SE Firmware v1 to be loaded onto the unit to function properly. To change the firmware on your unit, please see the pdf instructions from the download link below.

Please Note: Changing the MIDI firmware is not permanent so you can switch between v1 & v2 firmware at any time. This is not compatible with regular VCI-400 units

Import Instructions

Once you have successfully updated your VCI-400SE's firmware, Import the .tsi file using the Import button on the lower left section of Traktor's Preferences. Note: This large Import button will clear any other mappings and settings loaded in your Traktor so it is always safe to export all of your settings before importing new mappings!

If any of the instant effects are not loading as expected (e.g., if the Beatmashers are loading as Delays), please repeat this Import step as the FX Settings have not yet loaded properly. It should only take two imports at most and should not need to be repeated upon loading Traktor each time.

In Traktor's Preferences, go into the Controller Manager section and in the “Device” listbox there should be two VCI-400SE mappings. Select each mapping in the device listbox and make sure that your VCI-400SE is assigned to the “In-Port” and “Out-Port” of each mapping file. Note: If you do not see your VCI-400SE controller listed in the port options your computer does not see your VCI-400SE so please ensure you have the proper drivers loaded (if you're a PC) and make sure that the device is turned on and plugged in.

Setup Steps

Each time you open Traktor Pro to use this VCI-400SE mapping you should do the following steps before playing:

  • Move the EQ knobs, Gain knob, Master Volume knob, Filter knobs, Cross fader, and Level Faders so that their physical location corresponds to their software position in Traktor.

  • Hold Shift and move the Tempo Fader to its middle position (the red LED will illuminate) so that the deck tempo will reset to its original bpm. Note: This allows your tempo faders to know the middle is the default bpm since the tempo controls are relative commands.

  • Move the jog wheels around to ensure they are responsive to your liking. You can adjust the tightness of the jog wheel by twisting the center top section and can adjust the jog wheel sensitivity by using the L/R Touch Sensor knobs on the front left of the unit. If the L/R sensor knobs are turned all the way to the left the jog wheel will not respond to touch and it they are all the way to the right they will always think you are touching the jog wheel so be careful! Note: It is recommended to turn the sensor knobs to the right until the jog wheel LED changes and then turn them slightly down to ensure optimal sensitivity

  • Make sure you have your XLR or 1/4” outputs wired and set up for sound. Note: The RCA ports are inputs and this is often confused

  • Start jamming!

If you have any feedback on the mapping or any questions, please share your comments below. Thanks!

Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v1.1.2
ElectroFist about 7 years ago
A lot of things don't work now with the latest Traktor. Please update this because FlashFlooders is way too complicated and cluttered. I like the simplicity and ease of use of this mapping.
Heisenbear almost 7 years ago

Doubt we'll see another update :/

dj-xim over 7 years ago
did the firmware from serato. then I saw you interesting in "SE". can't do, what to do?