Twisted Gratification

Description and Instructions

Twisted Gratification

Midi Fighter Twister Traktor 4-Deck Effects Mapping

11/12/2019. Updated to 0.1.3
Notes on the changes in the mapping:

  • Fixed 2nd Beatmasher. Once the 2nd Beatmasher was activated and set anywhere in between 70% to 100% the Release Effect Knob wouldn't kill the effect.
  • Row#4 / Encoder#1 is remapped for new Beatmasher combo (The effect is now more suitable for basic beat mashing).

Four Rows Of FX

  • Each row is a different style of effect.
  • Each column is a different version of that style.
  • Every knob is design to sound subtle but when combined things are getting crazy and fun.
  • Choose one of four different versions and combine up to four Knobs (horizontal rows) at the same time.

Ensure to run Traktor Pro 3.5 or earlier versions! Current version is 3.6.0 and it has an issue with saving FX Snapshots which breaks the functionality of all Instant Gratification type of mappings.

Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v0.1.3
Paul Schlussel 8 days ago
my reverb row isn't working unless I turn it on for each track I select. the other rows are working as is. I have to turn off and back on the channels on the twister's side buttons. What's going on????
BonusBeats 5 months ago
HI mines working for me except the blue knobs and black knobs don't do anything at all. Also by pushing the side buttons don't really assign anything they don't really do what was said in the video. Is there something wrong with my preference in Traktor perhaps? I have use the utility as well.
Stewe 3 months ago

It sounds like you assigned only one mapping device. There are two and both need to be assigned to Twister ad In-Port and Out-Port!

Snappy over 1 year ago
Do this download work on a Mac M1? Having trouble installing and don't want to invest a lot more time if its not compatible yet. Thank you
Stewe over 1 year ago

The mapping definitely works. There is no restricition with M1. If Traktor works then mapping will work as well. Also try other mappings to make sure your unit is fine.

Paul Schlussel almost 2 years ago
can't get midi fighter to work after latest traktor update.
Paul Schlussel almost 2 years ago

ive repeated steps 7-9 several times now and selected midi fighter twister as my ins and outs.

Stewe over 1 year ago

One of Traktor beta versions had this issue with Saving/Loading fx presets. I had the same issue. They fixed it only temporarely because latest public version that NI released today still have this issue.

Paul Soll almost 3 years ago
Hi, i just got my first midi twister and cannot assign for different desk so the first and second rows from top to down, are not working. Any help, is appreciated. Thanks!
DJ Techtools almost 3 years ago

Be sure to check your In-Port and Out-Port for both parts of the mapping. It currently sounds like only the first device (part) is assigned to Twister.