Twisted Gratification

Description and Instructions

Twisted Gratification

Midi Fighter Twister Traktor 4-Deck Effects Mapping

1/13/2018. Updated to 0.1.2
Notes on the changes in the mapping:
  • There are two Mapping Devices in total.
  • Removed the "Send Monitor State" command from the Encoder Pushbutton mappings which was used to sync LED Rings with the modifiers. Instead, entire mapping is now switched to 3Fh Encoder mode.
  • Row#2 / Encoder#4 doesn't close the Dry/Wet parameter once it's deactivated. It is now possible to leave a tail behind the Reverb.
  • Row#3 / Encoder#2 is mapped to Ramp Delay. Once it's activated you can twist Encoder#4 to adjust the Dry/Wet. Same as Delay T3 originally (Encoder#1).
  • Row#3 / Encoder#4 is remapped to Freeze Echo. Push = Freeze, Twist = Rate/Speed Adjust.
  • Row#4 / Encoder#3 is remmaped for new Beatmasher combo (FX buildup style).

Each Encoder is equipped with a powerful pre mapped macro controls that allows you to have perfect balance between the Wet/Dry signal and the effects parameters in a twist of a single knob.

Four Rows Of FX

  • Each row is a different style of effect.
  • Each column is a different version of that style.
  • Every knob is design to sound subtle but when combined things are getting crazy and fun.
  • Choose one of four different versions and combine up to four Knobs (horizontal rows) at the same time.

If the firmware from 23 Jun 2016 is causing any problems with LED feedback be sure to reset your Midifighter Twister to the Factory Settings.

Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v0.1.2
Dylan Hogan 6 days ago
Is there an easy way to edit effect presets on each effect? The phase seems waaaay too fast for my tastes...
Stewe 5 days ago

Hey Dylan, that's totally possible. Feel free to reach out directly to me via the email: ( and tell me which value (rate) would you prefer on Phaser effect. I'll respond back asap.