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Twisted Gratification

Description and Instructions

Twisted Gratification

Midi Fighter Twister Traktor 4-Deck Effects Mapping

11/12/2019. Updated to 0.1.3
Notes on the changes in the mapping:

  • Fixed 2nd Beatmasher. Once the 2nd Beatmasher was activated and set anywhere in between 70% to 100% the Release Effect Knob wouldn't kill the effect.
  • Row#4 / Encoder#1 is remapped for new Beatmasher combo (The effect is now more suitable for basic beat mashing).

Four Rows Of FX

  • Each row is a different style of effect.
  • Each column is a different version of that style.
  • Every knob is design to sound subtle but when combined things are getting crazy and fun.
  • Choose one of four different versions and combine up to four Knobs (horizontal rows) at the same time.

If the firmware from 23 Jun 2016 is causing any problems with LED feedback be sure to reset your Midifighter Twister to the Factory Settings.

Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v0.1.3
松浦 誠 23 days ago
I have been very helped by this mapping. But there are questions, please tell me. In this mapping, the first line is set to 4FX UNIT, the second line is set to 3FX UNIT, etc. Is there any intention for this? Visually, the first line is 1FX UNIT, the second line is 2FX UNIT, etc. I feel more natural. There are occasions where it is difficult to get used to and confused. I am very happy to tell you. Thank you.
Stewe 21 days ago

Here you go: https://maps.djtechtools.com/mappings/10645

松浦 誠 21 days ago

What a hell! Did you bother making the mapping! ? I am very impressed. Thank you for your generous support. I am a prisoner of Midi Fighter Twister!

Stewe 20 days ago

You are welcome buddy. I like your idea so I did it! Let me know if you find any bugs.

Ricard 4 months ago
is there instructions on downloading/mapping to traktor pro 3?
DJ Techtools 4 months ago

Hi Richard, TPro 2 and TPro 3 are basically the same code which means that any of older Midifighter mappings are still going to work with TPro 3. Please use instructions from the Installation Guide which is included in the download and let us know if you have any other questions.

Uwe 4 months ago
Hi, thanks for the great mapping! It took me a little to understand how the first delay knob is working together with the 4th, but I think I know how it is supposed to work. One question: How could I change the preset of the first delay when activated? Now it starts with a Dry/Wet of kind of 25% and I would like to start at 0%. Since the mapping is quite complex I appreciate a little hint. Thanks!
Stewe 4 months ago

Here you go Uwe: (https://imgur.com/FHd76BC) Post your questions in Forums if you still need assistance.