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Twisted Gratification

Description and Instructions

Twisted Gratification

Midi Fighter Twister Traktor 4-Deck Effects Mapping

1/13/2018. Updated to 0.1.2
Notes on the changes in the mapping:
  • There are two Mapping Devices in total.
  • Removed the "Send Monitor State" command from the Encoder Pushbutton mappings which was used to sync LED Rings with the modifiers. Instead, entire mapping is now switched to 3Fh Encoder mode.
  • Row#2 / Encoder#4 doesn't close the Dry/Wet parameter once it's deactivated. It is now possible to leave a tail behind the Reverb.
  • Row#3 / Encoder#2 is mapped to Ramp Delay. Once it's activated you can twist Encoder#4 to adjust the Dry/Wet. Same as Delay T3 originally (Encoder#1).
  • Row#3 / Encoder#4 is remapped to Freeze Echo. Push = Freeze, Twist = Rate/Speed Adjust.
  • Row#4 / Encoder#3 is remmaped for new Beatmasher combo (FX buildup style).

Each Encoder is equipped with a powerful pre mapped macro controls that allows you to have perfect balance between the Wet/Dry signal and the effects parameters in a twist of a single knob.

Four Rows Of FX

  • Each row is a different style of effect.
  • Each column is a different version of that style.
  • Every knob is design to sound subtle but when combined things are getting crazy and fun.
  • Choose one of four different versions and combine up to four Knobs (horizontal rows) at the same time.

If the firmware from 23 Jun 2016 is causing any problems with LED feedback be sure to reset your Midifighter Twister to the Factory Settings.

Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v0.1.2
Wooty Loops 19 days ago
hi there! DJ WootyLoops checking in! I recently purchased the Midi Fighter Twister to help/accent my burgeoning work. Might I say this is an impressive piece of hardware! The DJTT Team worked themselves hard for this! alas... I am running Traktor Pro 3 (3.20.60. As of this post there are no newer versions). Went through the MF Utility. Big Import to Traktor. Have SOME effects (the reverb and the filter are reversed). Even after multiple mappings, resets and full computer resets I am having issues such as: -press side button...activates only two of the four deck effects. (blinking top half only even when four decks are active in the program) -no delay/beatmasher effects. the entire blue lit row has zero effect. the beatmasher row is dead. the master filter/effect kill in the bottom right works but that is all. curious if just me.. am running latest win 10..or if the setting. am literally brand new and shiny and help from the community is prayed for. namaste friends of the beat ~DJ WL
ANTHONY NGUYEN about 1 month ago
Hello- how can this map be optimized for the x1/z1 setup?
r1chardell1s 8 months ago
What's the best approach to import 2 TSI files? I'm running Twister AND DJTT Kontrol S4 mapping. How to keep 'em both?
DJ Techtools 8 months ago

Use bigger Import button from bottom of the Preferences window to import Twister mapping (import TSI twice), than click on "Add..." under the Devices and select DJTT S4 mapping.

Duke Kim 9 months ago
Hello, I just bought the twister but can't enjoy with my setting. I currently use Traktor Pro 3. my problem is effect setting. I tried to import it many times but still have a problem. I think, I am not only one guy who meets this situation. there is any one who can help me? symptom) each rows binds wrong effects. for example, no beatmash. please guide me to enjoy my twister
DJ Techtools 9 months ago

You need to use Big Import button which is located at the lower-left side corner of the Preferences window. If you had used "Add..." button from the Device Setup section of the Controller Manager it will only add a "Controller Mappings" and that is possibly why you're seeing wrong effects.

Duke Kim 9 months ago

I added twister by using small import button then added effect setting by using big button. I had tried big import button but that result had not been good either.... tired could u check this on tpro3 environment?

DJ Techtools 9 months ago

Yes we double checked this in TPro3 and everything looks normal. I (Stewe) will post a video here in the comments to show you my results. Again, do not use smaller import button for this mapping - use bigger Import button and import the mapping twice (controller mappings and effect settings categories will be highlighted automatically on import message).

Karol Ryba 9 months ago

Same problem. But now its working. After double import [bigger import button] its working. I had this problem on old laptop with Traktor 2.11. Now i have new laptop with Traktor 3 and finally now problem is solved. I cant try it on old laptop because its dead. Im too lazy to install Traktor 2.11 on new one. Should be working on both versions of Traktor. If you have same problem: wrong effects loaded. For example gater instead of delay etc... This Solution works. BIG THX!!!!!

fairbanksdw@gmail.com 9 months ago
Does anyone know if this mapping works in pro 3? Or if there’s something specific I’m supposed to do? I don’t seem to be able to trigger the echo freeze
Andrew Swain 9 months ago

I am having the same issue. I was working. But now the echo freeze button is engaging a Phaser instead. Incidentally, I am have a horrible time with Pro3. A hot cue issue that is throwing all my sync off every time i use a cuepoint. Traktor is basically unusable for me right now. I tried down grading to Pro2 but that is not working for me now. NI is silent on the issue. Bit of a nightmare.

DJ Techtools 9 months ago

Hey Guys. This is TPro3 issue with Delay effect - not the issue with the mapping itself. As for wrong effects issue, be sure to import the mapping twice!

Herbal Sherbert about 1 month ago

Will the echo freeze work at all in Traktor 3?