Traktor Sequencer

Description and Instructions

The Midi Fighter Twister Sequencer mapping turns Traktor's Remix Decks into a powerful four voice step sequencer.

The mapping download contains mapping for both deck C & deck D, allowing two Midi Fighter Twisters to be used simultaneously.

This mapping requires Traktor 2.6.8 to work so make sure you update your software if you are having issues.

NOTE: If you get all RED LEDs make sure you follow this guide.
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v0.4.0
Mac 29 days ago
How do i delete snap shots?
Maniax 11 days ago

While in snapshotmode: hold the lower right button and click on the snapshot you want to remove.

Sven van Bavel 3 months ago
Hi DJTT, now that traktor has (ableton) 'link' support is it possible to sync the controller with link? I got on regular base timing/sync issues via the midi master in traktor to the twister, as explained in the video it takes fiddling with midi sync clock etc... . Link overcomes this problem if I'm correct. Therefore my question to support link on the twister for the sequencer in the twister.
Ramon E Alvarez 5 months ago
Everything works well with the device and the mapping for the sequencer EXCEPT: there is a syncing problem with the sequencer... I believe it to be the programing of the timing on sequencer in Fighter Twister itself... I have the Sync Midi Offset to 0 ms and after the first loop it gets offset by like 1/6 of time... but it maintains the tempo HELP!
Maniax 11 days ago

Same here. Tried everything without success.

Echobreaker about 1 year ago
Hi Dj Tech Tools, the more I mess with this new mapping the more I dig it! I do want to report a bug though. If you have the Sequencer Mapping for the MidiTwister installed at the same time you have Tekkens Inst Grat Effect mapping installed, every time you press sync the song playing slows, gets very grainy, and gets very robotic. The more repeatedly you press on sync, the longer and for distinct it becomes. Furthermore, every time you press the sync button on the F1, the Midi Twister lights will flicker (only for the sequencer, as I have 2 mappings on the Midi Twister). I have tried using different mappings for the sequencer for Deck C or D with no change. How can a clear effects button be linked to Midi Twister's sequencer? Is there any way to avert this issue? I would really like to use the sequencer if I could. Thanks!
padi_04 9 months ago

Tekken's map is quite resource intensive so there's a chance your computer can't keep up and it causes all the audio issues and glitches. Try rising the latency and optimizing your computer (this last bit for Windows systems)

rotin about 1 year ago
I have a question! Wehe I have to put ".trak" files?
padi_04 9 months ago

This link covers how to import them.