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Traktor Sequencer

Description and Instructions

The Midi Fighter Twister Sequencer mapping turns Traktor's Remix Decks into a powerful four voice step sequencer.

The mapping download contains mapping for both deck C & deck D, allowing two Midi Fighter Twisters to be used simultaneously.

This mapping requires Traktor 2.6.8 to work so make sure you update your software if you are having issues.

NOTE: If you get all RED LEDs make sure you follow this guide.
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v0.4.0
DJMyxin 21 days ago
Awesome mapping, thank you! Just quick question: As Ean shows in the video - FX layer (2 side buttons pressed simultaneously) is not part of this mapping and I have to made map by myself? Or I missed something? Thank you for reply and keep safe 🙂
DJ Techtools 12 days ago

That is true. However you can add any of already existing effect based mappings along side Sequencer. Check out the following: (https://maps.djtechtools.com/mappings/5437) and (https://maps.djtechtools.com/mappings/2922)... Have fun!

Clecio 12 days ago

Will this delete my current mappings?

DJ Techtools 12 days ago

Yes first backup your mappings with Export button. For both FX mapping make sure to follow the instructions from those mapping pages, you need to use bigger Import button. once effect mapping are added you can use smaller "Add..." button to add your saved mappings back into Controller Manager. If you have any issues with it please contact us at support.djtechtools.com

Clecio 12 days ago

I would just like to access that layer of effects that appears in the video. I don't want to delete my mapping already configured for Traktor in the MF Utility for most controls. It would be a good way to take an effect map only to the sequencer layer

Manish Sehgal about 1 month ago
In my setup I have Deck C being a Stem Deck and Deck D as a Remix Set being controlled by this mapping. What happens is the volume controls from the Twister control the volumes of the individual stems in Deck C. I switched the Decks (swapping C and D, running the Midi Fighter Twister on C) and the same thing happens --- the twister controls the volumes on the stem deck. Any recommendations on how to fix this? Remap to a different midi channel? In the mapping it's set to Channel 8, while in Midi Fighter Utility it says the Twister is on global channel 15. Thanks!
DJ Techtools about 1 month ago

Hey Manish, It sounds that you have installed both Deck C and Deck D mappings. If that's the case please delete the mapping device for the Deck that you don't use as the Sequencer. Midi Channel 8 is dedicated Sequencer channel and it is separated from Utility configuration. If you still have issues please contact us at support@djtechtools.com and create a short video clip to demonstrate the issue. Sincerely.

Andy 5 months ago
Hello. Great mapping thanks so much for putting it together. I was wondering if it was possible to have the sequencer mapping and the twisted gratification mapping switchable at the push of a mapped button on the side of the twister or other key. Thanks!
basspenetrator 5 months ago

HI. Just load both this mapping and the twisted grad into traktor and switch by pressing both middle side buttons.. I have literally done that 10 minutes ago and it works flawlessly

Charles-André Richard 7 months ago
There are no utility files when I download the mapping, is that normal?
DJ Techtools 7 months ago

Yes that is normal. This mapping operates based on built-in sequencer for which you don't have to import midifighter settings.

Diego Polverigiani about 1 year ago
Traktor is replying to me that the sample pack are corrupted or files are missing. Anyway to resolve?
Stewe about 1 year ago

Maybe the files were moved or deleted. You can download the mapping again and import Remix Kits back into the collection. If the problem persists than reinstall Traktor. (fastest way to reinstall Traktor is via Native Access app)

ambendo 12 months ago

Ran into a similar issue for Traktor 3 / Win 10. Files were not imported into "\Music\Traktor\ContentImport\Ean's Sequencer Drum Kit" causing Traktor to report missing files. I was able to get the Pak working using the following steps. Hope this helps! SOLUTION: 1. Do not delete the Traktor pak causing the error following the initial import / error message. 2. Reimport the "Ean's Sequencer Drum Kit.trak" Traktor pak file. 3. A pop-up will be generated stating that the Pak you are trying to import already exists in the library. Rename it to a new name without an apostrofe such as "Eans Sequencer Drum Kit" and click Rename. 4. Go to the new path (e.g. C:\USERNAME\Music\Traktor\ContentImport\Eans Sequencer Drum Kit) and make sure the sound files are present. 5. Delete the error-generating Remix Set from your collection. 6. Load up the Eans Sequencer Drum Kit and get sequencing!