Traktor Sequencer

Description and Instructions

The Midi Fighter Twister Sequencer mapping turns Traktor's Remix Decks into a powerful four voice step sequencer.

The mapping download contains mapping for both deck C & deck D, allowing two Midi Fighter Twisters to be used simultaneously.

This mapping requires Traktor 2.6.8 to work so make sure you update your software if you are having issues.

NOTE: If you get all RED LEDs make sure you follow this guide.
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v0.4.0
Diego Polverigiani over 1 year ago
When I downloaded the .tsi file,i found only 2 files, where can i find the FX one? Do I have to map by myself the FX unit?
Joel Pujol over 1 year ago

I just saw far below: "Seq Volume Controls" has been merged with "Seq Deck Controls", that's why you don't see the third page. if the FX sends aren't working for you make sure you have FX Units 4 FX Units enabled inside the Effects section of the preferences.

Pavlidis over 1 year ago
Hello there this is a super nice ad to traktor playing and jamming live just wonder where is the fx mapping like its shown in the video ?
Mac almost 2 years ago
How do i delete snap shots?
Maniax over 1 year ago

While in snapshotmode: hold the lower right button and click on the snapshot you want to remove.

Sven van Bavel almost 2 years ago
Hi DJTT, now that traktor has (ableton) 'link' support is it possible to sync the controller with link? I got on regular base timing/sync issues via the midi master in traktor to the twister, as explained in the video it takes fiddling with midi sync clock etc... . Link overcomes this problem if I'm correct. Therefore my question to support link on the twister for the sequencer in the twister.
Ramon E Alvarez about 2 years ago
Everything works well with the device and the mapping for the sequencer EXCEPT: there is a syncing problem with the sequencer... I believe it to be the programing of the timing on sequencer in Fighter Twister itself... I have the Sync Midi Offset to 0 ms and after the first loop it gets offset by like 1/6 of time... but it maintains the tempo HELP!
Maniax over 1 year ago

Same here. Tried everything without success.