Twister Sampler

Description and Instructions

Traktor Sampler for Remix Deck D

  • Usage:
This mapping has a simple and effective way to capture sounds from track decks into a remix deck. Hold any corner side button to capture from a specific source, then press any encoder switch to load it directly into one of the 16 available sample cells. Pressing it again will start playing the captured sample.

  • Shift page:
Hold the center right side button to display the shifted options page where Key Lock, Monitor, FX and Punch can be set.

  • Stop/Filter Button:
Hold the Stop button and press any encoder switch to stop the entire slot, turning the encoders adjusts the Filters. Once a slot Stop is performed, Filter controls are disabled until releasing the Stop button.
This is to prevent the filters getting reset unnecessarily after doing a single slot stop action.

  • 2 ways to control the Filters:
1) Push and hold an encoder switch and all encoders become filter knobs
    (Release the button and all encoders are volumes again, but Filters will stay ON)

2) Hold the Stop button (middle left side button) and turn the encoders
   (Releasing the Stop button will reset all filters and turn them OFF)

  • Encoder knobs and switches:
ALL rotary knobs control the slot's Volumes.
Hold a Switch button to temporarily change them ALL into slot's Filters.

Push = Trigger Sample
Turn = Adjust Volume
Push+Hold= All encoders are Filters

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