DJTT VCI-100SE v3.6.4 Mapping (TPro2)

Description and Instructions

Attached on this page are slightly updated versions of our VCI-100SE 3.6.4 mapping for Traktor Pro 2 (for VCI-100 FW 1.3 & FW 1.4). 

The main functionality of the mappings has not changed, I simply made sure that the layout and effect settings import the same as they did on the old Traktor Pro (so you can still use the VCI-100 as if nothing changed). I also added in the 4 new effects to the effect settings so you can access them in the "Control FX" section (via Shift+FX knobs).

There are no longer PC or MAC versions because the infamous "glitch" issue is no longer a problem in Traktor 2 (based on my testing), so PC people can once again get LED feedback with the Route FX buttons. Also, I previously reported that there were some LED issues in TPro2 using the 3.6.4 mapping but that was with a beta version of TPro2 so rest assured that the LED feedback should be fine. 


  • You must have Traktor 2.1 or later to use this file otherwise it will not import properly.
  • These files are compatible with firmware 1.3/1.4

To Load this file
  • Select the BIG import button in the lower left hand corner of the preferences tab
  • If this is your first time loading the TSI file, please load it 2 TIMES for the fx to load properly.
  • The 1st and 2nd time you run Traktor after importing this TSI file, the controller may lock up in fader fx mode. Just quit and re-open the program twice and the issue should go away.

What Settings to Load
  • MIDI: Everyone
  • EFFECTS: Everyone (please load this file twice if you are using it for the first time to load the FX properly)
  • LAYOUT: Only if you want the layout to change when switching decks from A/B to C/D. To customize your own, modify the layouts in position 1 and 3.
  • ALL OTHER SETTINGS: Import these if you want the Pitch fader to be set to 8%, and for deck copy to work perfectly.

  • Added support for the high res faders and jogs in firmware 1.4
  • Changed back original Play/Pause functionality. Use Shift + Play to "Re-Play".
  • Changed back the chained FX presets in the effect section (4 knobs and buttons) to old style
  • Shift + FX Preset 1 now turns on/off the Audio Recorder
  • Shift + Gain knob makes Gain have soft takeover
  • Shift + Headphone level controls Master Volume
  • Fixed Key knob functionality (Shift + Filter)
  • Made 2 tsi versions to fix incompatibility issues (FW 1.3 & FW 1.4). Note: FW 1.4 version will still work with older firmwares.
  • Other minor bug fixes
  • Updated walk through pdf to match mapping changes

Please also check that your In and Out ports are properly set to your VCI-100 (i.e., Vestax PC Controller)

If you are interested in the original forum thread for this mapping, please see
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v3.6.4
Paulius over 1 year ago
Best controller ever! ^^
Luis Giovanni Mercado almost 7 years ago
February 2, 2017 and this mapping works very well with firmware 1.3 and the latest version of Traktor
Martin over 11 years ago
will this mapping work on vestax vci 100 v2?