Z2 Stems Mute Pads

Description and Instructions

This mapping only adds one additional pad mode to utilize Stem Mute feature on your Z2's. All native mapping features are still working.

The button mapping highlight:

FLUX Tap = Flux Mode (Toggle)

FLUX Hold = Stems Mute Mode (Toggle)

PAD 1 = Stem 1 Mute (Toggle)

PAD 2 = Stem 2 Mute (Toggle)

PAD 3 = Stem 3 Mute (Toggle)

PAD 4 = Stem 4 Mute (Toggle)
Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v0.1.0
Earsiq 7 months ago
I downloaded the mapping. I cannot figure out how to make it function. FLUX Hold, does that mean I am holding down the FLUX button then from there pressing pad;s 1 -4 Mute stems? I am sorry I am a noob.
Alfie 8 months ago
Is this https://maps.djtechtools.com/mappings/13545 ?
Stewe 8 months ago

Yes that is correct. Description updated now. Let me know what you think!

Alfie 8 months ago

Thats great, I am new to this so how do i get it working? I want all other functions to remain as they are. And if i dont like it how do i return my mixer to its original state? Sorry if i am posting in the wrong section. Thanks

Alfie 8 months ago

Got it running, All seems ok at the moment i will give it a good long test but im loving it so far TY!

Alfie 8 months ago

Still using this and have no major issues to report

Stewe 8 months ago

Thanks for your fedback! Glad you managed to install and have it sninning.