Kontrol Z2 4-Deck Mixer FX (TP3)

Description and Instructions

This is a four deck mapping for Z2 with Traktor Pro 3 which allows for different MIxer FX in each Deck.

Flux Button TAP = Flux Mode On/Off

Flux Button HOLD = Mixer FX Selector Mode

When the "FLUX" button is pressed and held down:

-Turn Loop Encoder = Scroll different Mixer Effects

-Push Loop Encoder = Mixer FX Toggle On/Off

-Press CUE Pads 1-2-3-4 to select Slot 1-4 directly.

-CUE Pads 1-2-3-4 will display each slot in corresponding color.

-Press FX 1 Button = Reverse Playback

-Press FX 2 Button = Flux Reverse Playback

Slot 0 = All Pads are dimmed. (Default Filter)

Slot 1 = Solid Red

Slot 2 = Solid Green

Slot 3 = Solid Cyan

Slot 4 = Solid Yellow

(: More features coming soon :)

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Comments for v0.2.1
zar 3 days ago
do you have one map for traktor s2 mk2 ?
DJ Techtools 2 days ago


Teemu Homi 2 months ago
Basic mapping for Z2. It works well! Thanks!