1 Button Masher Combo

Description and Instructions

This one button mapping works only with MIDI.

Import twice so effect settings are correct - in contrary the wrong effects will be inserted.

You are invited to remap it to your favorite controllers. This mapping is assigned to FX Unit #1 originally.

First press:

-Set Fx unit #1 to group mode
-Set M1=1
-Loading Beatmasher and Transpose Stretch to unit #1
-Set dry/wet to max-1.000
-Set Beatmasher amount to 0.600
-Set Transpose Stretch amount to 0.900 (ready)
-Beatmasher on (direct 1)

Second press:
-Set M1=2
-Set Beatmasher amount to 0.800

Third press:
-Set M1=3
-Set Beatmasher ammount to 0.900

Fourth press and hold: 
-Set M1=0
-Set Beatmasher amount to 1.000
-Decrease Transpose amount (sweep)
-Transpose on (hold)
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