Twister Loop Dispenser (by Stewe)

Description and Instructions

Twister Loop Dispenser

*** Quick and easy way to prepare your remix deck set or have incorporate the Loop Recorder and full Remix Decks C or D in addition to any all-in-one midi controller ***

This Midifighter Twister mapping will allow you capture and copy loops ether from the Loop Recorder or Track Decks. The Loop Recorder capture function works of the Monitor CUE input - please ensure to select the CUE as the recording source in the Loop Recorder section in the GUI.

Upper two encoder rows are mapped for Deck Capture options and the Loop Recorder.
Bottom two encoder rows are mapped for Slot Volume, Slot Filter and all 64 Sample Cell triggers (based on Kontrol S8 eight sample pages system).

Use top side buttons to select the C or D Remix Deck target:

  • If deck C is selected - Copy A, B, D, LoopRec is enabled.
  • If deck D is selected - Copy A, B, C, LoopRec is enabled.

Left side center and bottom buttons:

  • Center: Sample Page Up.
  • Bottom: Sample Page Down
  • For the time the Page buttons are pressed and held down you will see currently selected Page in the RGB LED's under the knobs dedicated for Cell Triggers.

Right side center and bottom buttons:

  • Center: Change the Slot Play Mode.
  • Bottom: Change the Slot Trigger Type.
  • The way those work is you will need to press and hold down the Encoder Push Button for the Cell you wish to interact with and then (while the cell knob is held) press dedicated side buttons to change the play mode or the trigger type.


1). Open the MF Utility software and import the .MFS file then click "Send To Midifighter" to install new Midifighter settings that are required to run this mapping.

Please refer to 2:54 in this video of the Traktor Contorller Manager Overview if you need to learn how to import mapping files.

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