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Akai AMX All-In-One Traktor Mapping

Description and Instructions

Note before using the mapping: Line inputs and timecode only works with Serato. Also. If you are having issues with audio that's because you haven't properly configure your audio routing. This got nothing to do with the mapping itself so please don't give this mapping a thumb down because of your problems with Audio. If your controller's Audio Interface is not recognized by Traktor that could be because of many reasons. None of them is a mapping. Mapping is something that takes a lot of time to finalize and on top of all it's completely for free. At least you can do is to say thanks for someone's effort... Or if you really have a problem with the mapping then contact the author and tell them. Tell them so they can make a better product for you. If that author doesn't give any efforts to help you by fixing the mapping then give them a dislike as you should.

Ensure to run 2.7 or better to use this mapping.

Feature Content:

  • Double Deck Focus concept
  • Basic Transport controls
  • Three dedicated Shift buttons
  • Six Hotcues per each Deck
  • Browse and Load
  • FX Panel: 5 Instant effect presets per each deck
  • Super X-Fader

*Note on headphone CUE buttons: This buttons are hard coded in firmware, pressing first button "ON" will deactivate second button "OFF". Press both buttons simultaneously when you wish to preview both decks at once.

Description and Installation guides are included in the download package.

Please leave a comment if you need support. Also let me know if you have some ideas to improve this mapping. What do you like and what not, I'm always listening.

If you're looking in to buying this controller for Traktor use, please consider buying it from DJTechtools. Your purchase directly supports more cool mappings!

You can now choose to PayPal.Me/vstimidi if you wish to support my work. The donation is not required as this mapping will always be for free here.

Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v0.2.0
DJA1 4 months ago
Just Recently discovered this mapping for the amx. is it me or no matter how many times i tried installing this, Deck B & D are swapped? when i load a song on Deck A, it loads and all the mapping works great but when i try to load a song on deck B, it loads in Deck D and all the mapping also controls deck D. help or is theres a quick solution to fix / swap the channels without having to remap? thanks
Stewe 4 months ago

Install the mapping > assign MIDI Ports > Press "LOAD 1" on CH.1 > Press "SYNC" on CH.2. Now you should be able to control decks A and B. Check the documentation JPG's..

pedro 8 months ago
Hi Stewe and All, I've now extended this EXCELENT mapping with a lot more functionality. It has 13x layers, dozens of FXs, hundreds of features, and it comes with 26-page manual: https://maps.djtechtools.com/mappings/9323
Stewe 8 months ago

Armed to the teeth! Thanks for the update man, it looks awesome.

pedro 4 months ago

Cheers Stewe!

dj_Duff 9 months ago
It doesn't work with Traktor PRO 3. In-Port and Out-Port are empty.. What should be modified to enable this mapping to work with Traktor Pro 3?
DJ Techtools 9 months ago

Reinstall driver for your AMX should fix that. Traktor can not recognize the controller because of faulty drivers or Windows updates.

dj_Duff 9 months ago

Yes! Thank you :) It is working like a charm! Any updates planned for Traktor PRO 3? For example, Traktor Pro 3 enables DVS support for any audio interface ===> and i was able to scratch using turntable with Traktor Timecode Vinyl connected to AMX.

Stewe 9 months ago

Sadly I don't own AMX anymore to update this mapping for TPro 3. Sorry about that.

pedro 9 months ago

I'm now activelly working to finish my updated mappping of Stewe's work, updated to TP3 and with all kinds of new features. Yes, I tested DVS in TP3, and can confirm this is by far the cheapest and most complete way to unlock DVS today

Rob Suave over 1 year ago
Hey Stewe, So excited about this mapping... The AMX is designed the exactly how NI should have made a controller. None of their mini controllers units do all the basic things a DJ needs.. you need at least a couple of them to cover what AMX does. After a bit of newbie struggle, I've got the AMX working with your mapping. I'm almost at full functionality but have 2 critical issues.... Headphone cueing isn't working (no output to headphone jack) and crossfader has no functionality. I don't really care about the crossfader but really need the cue in the phones. I'm guessing the answer is in a setting in controller manager. I followed all your set-up instructions (which solved previous probs I'd had trying to set-up).... but kind of skipped over the "make sure all buttons are set to on" because I don't know to tell if they are on or not... does "in" mean on and "out" mean off in the I/O column of controller manager? Everything is "in" for Superfader, but for the "4 deck All In One" mapping some of the modifiers are set to "out". Any suggestions would be super appreciated. I'm trying to set up a more portable rig for travel for East Coast gigs.. I'm out of Boston but have been getting booked up and down Eastern Seaboard and my S4MK2 is a total pain to travel with. Whether you can help or not, thanks for all the hard in putting this mapping together!!!
Stewe over 1 year ago

You can solve both issues really easily. 1) Check your Output Routing in the preferences and set your "Monitor Output to channels 2 and 3 (or 3 and 4 cant remember exactly). 2) Set MIDI In-Port of the bottom mapping device to "Akai Amx". Let me know if you need more help with this, you can also reach out via my FB page called "Traktor Mappings)

Rob Suave over 1 year ago

Hey Stewe, Thanks for the help... Much Appreciated!! I've got the cue issue sorted out thanks to your suggestions. Still don't have any crossfader functionality but for the way I mix, not a huge problem. If you have any suggestions on that front I wouldn't mind solving that issue too just 'cause it should be working but not critical at all. Looking forward to explore your mapping in more depth now and rocking it on my travel gigs! (Had to drag my big ol' S4mkII all over NYC this past weekend!). Thanks again!

Stewe over 1 year ago

Good to hear! I don't have the AMX anymore but if I remember there was a switch function which is used to swap AB on the crossfader in Serato... Try both positions... Maybe I mapped it to disengage the crossfader on the one of those two positions.

Rob Suave about 1 year ago

There is a Xfade Rev off/on switch on the AMX but that doesn't seem to have any effect.. crossfader still doesn't work. Maybe I'll stumble across the solution one day.. but I'm ok without it. Used it for first time on a gig tonight and everything went well.. really happy to have this up and running!!! Thanks again Stewe for making this!!!

mikeclay over 1 year ago
Installed the mapping and followed the instruction - the only step I can't seem to get done is the ''IN-PORT'' ''OUT-PORT'' - I only have the option to select ''none'' - does anyone have a workaround? ty!
Stewe over 1 year ago

Probably should reinstall your AMX driver. Hope this helps!

mikeclay over 1 year ago

Hey Stewe, just did it, works great - thank you!

Stewe over 1 year ago

Cool! have fun mate.