Akai AMX All-In-One Traktor Mapping

Description and Instructions

Note before using the mapping: Line inputs and timecode only works with Serato. Also. If you are having issues with audio that's because you haven't properly configure your audio routing. This got nothing to do with the mapping itself so please don't give this mapping a thumb down because of your problems with Audio. If your controller's Audio Interface is not recognized by Traktor that could be because of many reasons. None of them is a mapping. Mapping is something that takes a lot of time to finalize and on top of all it's completely for free. At least you can do is to say thanks for someone's effort... Or if you really have a problem with the mapping then contact the author and tell them. Tell them so they can make a better product for you. If that author doesn't give any efforts to help you by fixing the mapping then give them a dislike as you should.

Ensure to run 2.7 or better to use this mapping.

Feature Content:

  • Double Deck Focus concept
  • Basic Transport controls
  • Three dedicated Shift buttons
  • Six Hotcues per each Deck
  • Browse and Load
  • FX Panel: 5 Instant effect presets per each deck
  • Super X-Fader

*Note on headphone CUE buttons: This buttons are hard coded in firmware, pressing first button "ON" will deactivate second button "OFF". Press both buttons simultaneously when you wish to preview both decks at once.

Description and Installation guides are included in the download package.

Please leave a comment if you need support. Also let me know if you have some ideas to improve this mapping. What do you like and what not, I'm always listening.

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