Akai AMX All-In-One Traktor Mapping

Description and Instructions

Note before using the mapping: Line inputs and timecode only works with Serato. Also. If you are having issues with audio that's because you haven't properly configure your audio routing. This got nothing to do with the mapping itself so please don't give this mapping a thumb down because of your problems with Audio. If your controller's Audio Interface is not recognized by Traktor that could be because of many reasons. None of them is a mapping. Mapping is something that takes a lot of time to finalize and on top of all it's completely for free. At least you can do is to say thanks for someone's effort... Or if you really have a problem with the mapping then contact the author and tell them. Tell them so they can make a better product for you. If that author doesn't give any efforts to help you by fixing the mapping then give them a dislike as you should.

Ensure to run 2.7 or better to use this mapping.

Feature Content:

  • Double Deck Focus concept
  • Basic Transport controls
  • Three dedicated Shift buttons
  • Six Hotcues per each Deck
  • Browse and Load
  • FX Panel: 5 Instant effect presets per each deck
  • Super X-Fader

*Note on headphone CUE buttons: This buttons are hard coded in firmware, pressing first button "ON" will deactivate second button "OFF". Press both buttons simultaneously when you wish to preview both decks at once.

Description and Installation guides are included in the download package.

Please leave a comment if you need support. Also let me know if you have some ideas to improve this mapping. What do you like and what not, I'm always listening.

If you're looking in to buying this controller for Traktor use, please consider buying it from DJTechtools. Your purchase directly supports more cool mappings!

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Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v0.2.0
Lulu White M. over 1 year ago
Hello Stewe.First of all thanks for taking your time en effort for the community. I just sign up and I am a full beginner as Dj with Traktor PRO 3 and have no knowledge on mapping. I wanted to start with the AMX as controler and i just bought a second hand few days ago. I did download your free mapping (Thanks a lot!) and tried to follow carefully the instructions but unfortunately i may not do correctly as i haven't done the mapping. I wanted to contact you by mail but i did not find it. I have window 10 and 8 GB Ram Here my comments: - Mapping set up: Step 1 is ok i guess : I import your maping 2 or 3 times. Step 2 is ok: i select the 2 categories Step 3 is ok: I select the AMX_4-Deck_all-in-one BUT Step 3 & 4 are not ok There is only "none" in-port and "none" Out-port... Nothing more. Please anyone have any issue for that? - Audio setup Step one is ok: I can, see AMX as Audio Setup Step two is not ok: Output Routing i can see only speakers out 0,1,2,3 or not connected as choice....Same for Output Master. Thanks a lot for any issue for that. How can i contact you as i do not have fb. Salutations Lulu
spyros about 2 years ago
hi and thanks for your great work!! i have an issue with browse..i cant move to subfolders in the tree ..how can i map it?? thanks a lot again
bud about 4 years ago
wow thanks great job! Just recieved today my new AMX and I'm so excited! is awesome. Gettin it ready to work on Traktor. I'm on Traktor 2.5 so I can't try your mapping, is not loading of course, need to find 2.7. Anyway just want to tell that for me both line input and timecode are working. I will manually map my own setup as usual so I don't really need to use a premapped setup, I came on this post cos I really can't understand how to map the output from Traktor meters to my AMX meters led strips (volumes lights to understand). Generally speaking, I can't find nowhere a AMX midi channels chart, and trying most probable channels I can't manage to send output to volumes meters led lights. I can map any knob, fader and button also mapping the output from traktor to get the button light on and off as I want, problemi is, I can't understand how to map the volumes meter led strips to listen Traktor midi output, both single volumes and master. Generally speaking, where can I find a midi channel chart for AMX? or better, is there any software tool to scan a midi device on all channels and listen to input, send output, maybe automatically, to know on which channel the led strips are listening to? even better, can you just tell me channel/note or whatever I have to map the volumes output from Traktor to make left, right, and master volumes led strip lights to work on my AMX as in the traktor interface. Many thanks if somebody have answer. Quite a pitty cos I really don't need it, I mean, I always have the interface mixer on the screen so is pure OCD madness by my side. :P bye, thanks and great job!
Stewe about 4 years ago

Try CC.64, CC.62, CC.63, CC.65 on Channel 1.

bud about 4 years ago

working perfect! the autistic OCD kid inside me is very happy =D super thanks!

dj_estrela about 4 years ago

Please see line 433 and ff of this file. I have this documented there https://github.com/pestrela/music/blob/master/traktor/mapping_akai_amx/v1.0%20support%20files/AMX%20v1.0.1%20TP3_TP2%20-%20Technical%20Info.txt

DJA1 almost 5 years ago
Just Recently discovered this mapping for the amx. is it me or no matter how many times i tried installing this, Deck B & D are swapped? when i load a song on Deck A, it loads and all the mapping works great but when i try to load a song on deck B, it loads in Deck D and all the mapping also controls deck D. help or is theres a quick solution to fix / swap the channels without having to remap? thanks
Stewe almost 5 years ago

Install the mapping > assign MIDI Ports > Press "LOAD 1" on CH.1 > Press "SYNC" on CH.2. Now you should be able to control decks A and B. Check the documentation JPG's..

dj_estrela about 5 years ago
Hi Stewe and All, I've now extended this EXCELENT mapping with a lot more functionality. It has 13x layers, dozens of FXs, hundreds of features, and it comes with 26-page manual: https://maps.djtechtools.com/mappings/9323
Stewe about 5 years ago

Armed to the teeth! Thanks for the update man, it looks awesome.

dj_estrela almost 5 years ago

Cheers Stewe!