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Ean Golden's Midi Fighter 3D Mapping "Jam-on-it"

Description and Instructions

This mapping uses the Remix Decks firmware AND 4 deck instant gratification style effects.
To switch between “Remix Deck Mode” and “Effects Mode” use the middle right side button.

This is a continuation of the instant gratification with 2 styles of effects and remix deck control on top (optional). You can easily trigger remix decks and fx at the same time with this mapping.

Please make sure you follow the easy steps in the included setup guide.

Flash to the latest 3D firmware:
1) Open the MF Utility
2) Choose Tools > Alternate Firmware > Standard
3) Your 3D will be flashed and updated.

Then flash the Custom Remix Deck HID firmware:
4) Open the MF Utility
5) Choose Tools > Alternate Firmware > Remix Decks (Win or OS X)
6) Your 3D will be flashed and updated

Import the .MFS file to load the Midi Mapping settings:
7) Open the MF Utility
8) Choose File > Import Settings > Pick the included .MFS file.
9) Hit “Send to Midi Fighter”
10) Close the MF Utility.

Import the mapping into Traktor:
11) Open Traktor, go to Preferences, Press the BIG import button.
12) Pick the included *.tsi and hit OK.  
13) Check the “Controller Settings” and “Effects Settings” boxes in the appearing menu
14) Set the mapping’s In/Out ports to MF 3D.
15) Restart Traktor.

Problem downloading or other issues? Let us know on the forum.
Comments for v0.3.0
Alexander 10 days ago
Hello friend, I have a midi Midi Fighter 3D, I downloaded your settings for Tractor Ean Golden's Midi Fighter 3D Mapping "Jam-on-it", I is not working properly, do everything in the instructions, the buttons do not include samples, only work effects, and together did not work when I press ((((I Vindovs 10, version 2.10.2 Tractor help me adjust your settings, very much, but I can not play ((((((???
8bit almost 2 years ago
Is anyone else having an issue where reverb has to be manually tuned off by clicking top right corner button after tilting the device for reverb?
Vincent 8 months ago

yes. Any fixes on this?

Gabriel Lagmay almost 2 years ago
remix deck controll doesnt work , everything else, effects and routing work, but it doesnt light up for me to choose the deck to controll for remix help!?
Mike Czajkowski over 1 year ago

I've had the same issue since November 2014. Tried calling support, but I wasn't sure if it was broken or I was just being a noob. I bought the 3D for the remix capability and it's really frustrating it doesn't seem to work with 2.6.8 Traktor.

Alan Coggins about 1 year ago

I couldn't get remix to work either until I completely scrapped all the loaded mappings. It actually works fine for me using the basic default Traktor settings with no imports.

Metrognome almost 2 years ago
Downloaded this as my first mapping to test for my 3D. Got the HID toggle issue resolved. The only thing still confusing is that when I trigger loops or one shots in HID mode the LED feedback is not the correct color of the sample in the Remix deck. When in "off" position the buttons show the correct color, but when on they show Column 1 - unlit, Column 2 - orange, Column 3 - Yellow, Column 4 - Green. How can I change that? Similarly when "shift" is engaged in HID mode Column 1 buttons are also unlit.
jake almost 2 years ago

how did you sort the HID toggle mode?

Metrognome almost 2 years ago

Switched it to the Middle Button in the MF Utility

Boozhi almost 2 years ago
I cannot get the HID Mode (remix decks) to work in Traktor and it is driving me insane. I have legit software and have had a brand new Midi Fighter 3D for a few months. When I switch to HID mode, the fighter just goes blank and unresponsive except I am able to switch it out of HID mode. Then the FX work as intended again. I have tried all decks as remix decks. For this mapping, as mentioned in other comments, in the Midi Fighter Utility, under the HID functions, the right side button 3 is marked as the HID mode toggle while the Quick Guide marks it as RS button 2. Correcting this, however, does not solve my problem. I have been able to get various FX mappings to work. I have everything updated, tried all reflashes and restarts but HID mode never does anything. Following the MF HID Mode pdf does not help either. Any suggestions? Do I have a faulty unit? Thanks for any insight!
Boozhi almost 2 years ago

After some more research, I found that HID mode is basically making the MF3D mimic the F1. I'm downloading the latest F1 driver right now from the service center to see if that solves the issue. Btw, I am on windows 8.

Boozhi almost 2 years ago

Tried Apple OSX firmware and it started working right away but then the MF Utility wouldn't recognize it. Uninstalled the Kontrol F1 driver, as that was what the Midi Fighter installed as when the firmware switched, and now everything's as it should be.